Monday, April 12, 2010

An Outing with Melly

Melly and I (Geoff, the Boyfriend) just returned from an outing. We went to the vet and then to PetSmart. Natalie will be detailing the vet portion a bit later, as she was there too. However, after the vet, Melly and I took N back to work and ran off for some more supplies.

She was not thrilled to be in the carrier, so most of the drive, I had one hand in the carrier (it has zip closures, so I just opened it enough for my hand) trying to placate her. When we got there, Melly, in her carrier, went into the kid seat of a shopping cart as we navigated the aisles picking up her new goodies: some food, dental hygiene chews, enzyme spray and her very own scratching post!

One thing we just discovered...even at her spazziest, when it seems that all she wants to do is run and attack the pattern in the floor tiles, chase her own tail and explore any new thing that crosses her field of vision, there seems to be one sure way to calm her down. I jokingly stuffed her into my lightweight coat, expecting her to wriggle and escape in short order. I was wrong! She snuggled up close and relaxed, making NO attempt to get out.

So, after torturing her with the incarceration of the cat carrier on the ride to PetSmart and then in the store, I decided to try the snuggle in the coat approach for the drive home. I tucked her in, with her head peeking out and my arm around her, snuggling her close. I also plotted a course home that avoided major roads, so that I could pull over and stop if she made any move to escape. Those precautions proved unnecessary as she contentedly stayed right there in my coat the whole time. (If this is a huge no-no, please forgive me and be merciful in your comments.)

We returned home and I tucked Melly back into her room with her new scratching post, which, I don't know if she's scratched yet, but she seems fond of it.

When I came out of the bathroom, Scarlett was standing out there, peering down the little hall toward the room curiously, but scampered away when I closed the door behind me. A few minutes later she came over, and, after sniffing my hands and NOT showing any adverse reactions, suffered me to pet her a bit. She's now happily perched on her roost at the top of her tower; apparently unconcerned that Melly had been on it earlier.


kelley said...

What great kitty parents you are! Love the idea of keeping her happy in a coat sleeve...thanks for sharing her story with us...looking forward to seeing pics of Scarlett and Melly together...they'll be buddies before you know it...

Brian said...

We been visiting them frequently, Melly certainly is habit forming! We loved the video of her on the cat tree having a blast. Can't wait to see her and Scarlett together, fiddle-e-dee!

Derby, Ducky said...

Hi Melly and Scarlett! Welcom to the Cat Blogoshere! Can't wait to hear more of your stories.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Natalie, I've read more than I've commented, but I'm soooo glad to see the progress!

I'm getting optimistic that Scarlett and Melly may have had a bit of a rocky start, but will come to appreciate each other. Sort of like their name sakes!

sue said...

Okay, my comments are twofold.

First off, I was at PetSmart today too! Wouldn't it have been weird if we'd run into each other?!

The last time I was there, Melly was with me. She was riding in the cart all right, but not in a carrier. Needless to say, she attracted lots of attention.

When I went in today, the manager, Mandy, poked her head out of her office and said, "Where's the kitten?" They all loved her.

And secondly, yes it's a no-no to allow the kitty out of the crate while in the car. Having said that I now ask everyone who knows me or is in any way involved with saving animals to read no further..

Okay, here goes. Sally and I made many trips back and forth from the shelter. She'd go for her check-ups, for her vaccines and just for the heck of it.

I too would put my fingers in the grate at the front of her carrier in a vain attempt to soothe her. Until that fateful day I decided to let her out.

She scrambled right up to my left shoulder, perched herself quite comfortably, and we never looked back.

It became our routine. She'd sit there so calmly, take a little bath, even lie down to watch the world go by if I put my elbow on the window sill. She loved it and so did I.

The first time she was enjoying herself so much, I actually drove around a few extra blocks so as not to disappoint her.

I considered telling Natalie about this, but I knew it was wrong and didn't want to promote such a thing. I shouldn't have encouraged it. Bad foster mama.

So... That might explain your experience today. Dang, she's cute, isn't she??

Marlene said...

I'm so glad that Melly has such great parents! So glad that you adopted her. Another kitty blog to follow :) Hooray!

Jamesie said...

It's definitely a no-no, but all's well that ends well. Cats have an instinct to head for right under the pedals when they get startled, which is the worst possible place for all involved.

Annie said...

Huh. See, we totally let our cats run around the car if it's proven that they like the car. The ones who find the experience to be akin to the vet or hell stay in the crate. Otherwise, we've never had problems letting the cats curl up on a lap and stay there.

And we had one puppy who curled up in in a relative's leather jacket (as long as she was wearing it) and felt that this was the very best way to ride in the car.

These adventures are kind of awesome, by the way.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Well, yes it is probably not the best to let her out of the carrier in the car but sometimes it just has to happen. I did that with Virgil on his first ride home (though I wasn't driving). I don't think anyone will hold it against you!

Aunty Pol said...

My ex and I let our first kitten sit in our laps on the drive home from college..she loved it ..and was the only one who ever did. I had to laugh at the Pet Smart coat present (and vastly improved ) to hubby used to let our 14 year old Munchkin ride on his shoulder when she was an itty bitty thing..they both loved it and were quite the sight.

It sounds as if things are progressing..hang in there,.,,we are a blended family can and will work out.

Waves from Houston