Monday, July 12, 2010

Invasion of the Furry Beasties!

Natalie took a few days and visited her family in a state far away from where Scarlett and Melly dwell. Upon her return, accompanied by her younger sister, she intended to use my home as her base of operations, for the first week of her sister's visit. As such, for the 5 days that Natalie was away, I watched over the wee beasties. Then they remained in my home for the week that Natalie and her sister were also staying with me.

In preparation for Scarlett and Melly's arrival, I needed to do some tidying. "Tidying" isn't always as straightforward for me as simply picking up some random clutter. Case in point, my living room:

I had just recently done a sailboat race and our spinnaker (big, colorful sail) got wet, so I brought it home and spread it out to dry.

Seriously though, my biggest concerns centered around the fact that my condo is a fair bit larger than Natalie's apartment and has a LOT more places to hide. Scarlett has been there many times and actually seems to prefer my place. But she hadn't been there since Melly's arrival on the scene and Melly certainly hadn't been there; this was her first stay anywhere other than N's since she joined Natalie's household. The thought that she might react poorly (claw-based destruction of furniture, bodily functions being performed in various, non-litterbox, locations, etc.) was at the forefront of my feline-targeted paranoia. But, I love my Natalady, so the fuzzies moved in with me.

As it turned out, I had nothing to fear. Scarlett settled right back in and Melly took to the place rather well. Two of the things that Scarlett seems to enjoy about my condo is that there's carpeting (as opposed to N's hardwoods) and a sliding glass door, in addition to windows. Put those together and there's a happy cat, sitting or laying on carpet while looking outside. Melly agreed that this was a worthwhile activity.
Melly also settled in on my bed:

Scarlett enjoys it there too:

Ultimately, they were quite happy and enjoyed themselves in my condo. There were no significant events (thereby achieving my primary goal) and after I have the opportunity to ventilate a bit, the cat smell may even be nothing more than a memory.


Anne Boleyn said...

I've heard of Red Sails in the Sunset, but never Wet Sails in the Living Room. Love it!

Sylvestermiasmomma said...

Cat smell...what cat smell. Perchance one didn't clean the cat box?

Natalie said...

Sylvestermiasmomma: When Melly goes #2, it is still pretty pungent. If it's not scooped immediately, the odor can really permeate. Geoff tends to be in and out a lot, so there was some odor permeation.

I'm definitely lucky to have someone so willing to put up with my cats' issues!

HeidiK said...

Haha! Glad there were no major issues... and I LOVE this sentiment: "But, I love my Natalady, so the fuzzies moved in with me."

Awesome... :) :) :)

Amy and The House of Cats said...

So I had to laugh at Natalie mentioning the pungent cat stink issues - we have that with our little kittens too - how is it that the small ones make such big stinks! Hopefully Melly will grow out of it - all our previous big stinkers have (the kittens still do but heck, they are only 4 months so they have time). And it is great that both cats enjoyed their little vacation!

Geoff said...

Oh Sylvestermiasmomma, ye of little faith. I was cleaning out their waste at least once a day, frequently more. I was teaching sailing to some kids, through my yacht club, and would clean it out every morn before heading out. Often I'd get back and receive a putrid assault on my olfactory sense (courtesy of Melly's digestive system) and would immediately do a 2nd clean up. On one occasion I even deemed it necessary to repeat a third time.

HeidiK, at times when I feeling more than usually affectionate, she's "my Natalovelylady." (And for what it's worth, yes, we do in fact nauseate ourselves at times.)