Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Growing Girls

When Melly was last weighed about seven weeks ago, I mentioned her preference for Scarlett's food and was warned by Dr. Warren that Melly could develop the feline version of rickets if she doesn't eat kitten food! That, of course, was a horrifying thought, so I've been making sure that Melly is eating the correct food and enough of it. Since Melly's been growing like a weed lately, it seems to be working.

Unfortunately, Scarlett loves kitten food and helps herself to Melly's. I'm trying to exercise her more to combat the resulting weight gain, and Melly is kind enough to assist by chasing and playing with Scarlett.

Scarlett is very vocal in her disapproval of Melly's playful moods, but when Melly is sleepy, Scarlett likes to investigate. Her usual pattern is to sniff Melly all over, lick her head, then lay down a couple of feet away.


Kea said...

We're glad Melly is doing so well! Trying to keep Scarlett away from the kitten food would be more challenging. Separate food stations and feeding at specific times of day, instead of free-feeding, would be a way around that (though not as convenient--not sure what you do now).

Smooches to them both!

Sammy and Andy said...

We both can eat the same thing, but we're sure that mama would have major problems if she had to feed us different things.

You are beauties.....xxxxxxxxxx

Amy and The House of Cats said...

That sounds SO like our house. We have kitten crunchies only because the little ones love to eat the big cat food so much. I worry that they don't get enough of their own food sometimes, so they have crunchies. Unfortunately if we put both down (kitten and cat crunchies) then they eat the cat crunchies. So I have kitten down, and the big cats eat it - I don't remember having this problem before (they would eat leftover cat food but always finished their kitten food first)and honestly I am kind of glad to know that I dont' have the only crazy kittens when it comes to cat food.

And tell Scarlett not to worry - eventually Melly will settle down and not want to play quite as much. It takes a while but it will happen!

Marlene said...

At least Scarlett is licking Melly's head a bit. That's a positive step, right?

Both of the kitties are gorgeous. Love Melly's jelly bean toes!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what your vet would recommend but if you are worried about Melly eating too much of Scarlet's food, maybe you can temporarily give Scarlet a brand that says it's formulated for all stage of life (I think some of the fancy canned foods like Avoderm, Spot's Stew, Innova, Natural Balance say this) That way if Melly does get into Scarlet's food you won't have to worry about her getting a vitamin/mineral deficiency. And some of these foods use no grain/less carbohydrate filler which sometimes helps control a cat's weight and allergy problems anyway.

Tracy said...

I LOVE Melly's name..... don't know why I've waited so long to tell you this. The next girl kitty I get will be named Melly. Also, she is one of the all-time cutest online kitties I've ever seen. The post from the other day with her looking up at the forbidden windowsill just about killed me.

Cat said...

I was worried about the same thing with Archie and Casper. Casper loves the Purina pediatric crunchies and it's hard to keep him away. Last time I was at the vet he weighed Casper and said he had actually lost weight. I asked him how that could be when he is eating Archie's high calorie kitten food? He replied that kitten food is high protein too so it's like he's been on the Atkins diet!

Try not to worry about it too much :-)