Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Melly and the Carrier

Scarlett was supposed to have a vet appointment yesterday (just routine stuff - I ended up rescheduling due to the bad weather), and I was going to bring Melly to get weighed. I got the carriers out a couple of days early so Scarlett could get used to them - she loathes the carrier. She is always able to sense when it's time to go somewhere, and hides in the deepest, darkest corner she can find. If she is particularly upset when grabbed and brought to the carrier, she sprays.* I'm pretty sure she saves up for the occasion.

Melly does not have this problem. She loves carriers. In fact, as I'm typing this, she is asleep in hers (the soft carrier), and has been for about an hour.

The following pictures were taken over the past two days.

*Scarlett had her teeth cleaned a little less than a year ago, a process which involved full anesthesia, and the experience was extremely traumatic for her. The next time she needed to go somewhere in the carrier (I think it was the follow-up visit), she sprayed all over me when I tried to put her in it. She's done it on and off ever since.


Martin Hooper said...

Poor Scarlett :)

I wish my Sooty had been as good as Melly in his carrier as the trouble we went through to get him to the vet!

Kea said...

Oh, no, poor Scarlett indeed -- obviously very traumatic!

The mom leaves our carriers out too, in a spare (junk) room upstairs. Annie will sleep in any/all of them from time to time, in spite of the fact that she goes so often for blood work, etc. re: her hyper-thyroidism.

Kea said...

We should add that Annie is not good at the vet's and the mom was asked to bring her in during weekday daytime hours only to ensure they have enough techs on hand to, hold her. :-O

nichole said...

I leave the carriers out all the time. There's a towel in each one for them to lay on. They occasionally hide out or nap in them. Doesn't mean they still have a sixth sense about when I need to take them somewhere. Fortunately it's short lived and neither Jack nor Kate spray. It's the travel they dislike, not the actual destination.

Melly is so cute lounging in her carrier :)

Cat said...

These are super pictures! Melly probably thinks it is just great to have extra beds brought out for her fun :-)

Marlene said...

Poor Scarlett. I don't blame her. Q was really good about going to the vet, but man, he had all the tech terrified of him even up to the day that he was helped across the Bridge. I couldn't believe my handsome sweet boy could really scare anyone, but it did give me a bit of pride that he had such reputation.

Love Melly in her carriers (I know one is for Scarlett, but since Scarlett doesn't like to go in hers, well, doesn't it belong to Melly too?)

The Paw Relations said...

You wouldn't catch us in one of those!

Anonymous said...

I second nichole's comment; i leave the carrier out year round and sometimes come home to find my cat asleep in it or on top of it (there is a folded up blanket on top of it.) So I know the cat knows that the carrier isn't a deadly cat-eating monster. And I have taken her on trips where she goes to visit the grandparents and gets spoiled rotten, so she should not associate it only with those traumatic vet checkups. Nonetheless, she still hates it when I stuff her in it for a car trip and she has on occasion wet herself/sprayed.

Geoff said...

I'm at the House of Fur right now (Natalie's place) doing prep work for Thanksgiving and I walked past the carriers a bit ago and there was Melly, snuggled up in her carrier again. I had a paper bag full of stuff for the turkey brine which I just finished making and now Melly's exploring the bag instead.

Ahhh, such a ridiculous creature. Quite soft, though.

ABBY said...

We don't like getting into the carrier but once in we are alright.

Happy t-day!


Simba said...

Melly, I am glad the carrier doesn't traumatize you. Scarlett, I understand completely.

Anonymous said...

When I had cats that wouldn't go in the carrier without brute force, I took the carrier out to the car an hour or so ahead of time, then at the appointed time I quietly snagged each cat out of sight of the other, snuggled her against me, and carried her out to the car where she was only too happy to scoot into the carrier. It was the only way I could get them boxed up.