Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Food Changes

Until recently, the cats' diet has consisted of one can of Newman's Own Organic Turkey canned food in the morning and 1/4 cup each of Iams kitten food at night.* Now that Melly is very nearly full grown and Scarlett is fat, the vet has given the ok to switch from kitten food to cat food, so I am slowly transitioning from the Iams to Organix adult cat food, chicken flavor. The cats are getting the same amount of food as before (I measure) but fewer calories, and apparently the difference is very noticeable.

Melly has started doing her morning hair yanking (it's how she wakes me up) even earlier, and she lurks by the food bowls looking exaggeratedly pitiful the moment I walk in the door in the evening. In the morning, Scarlett looks down at me from a nearby windowsill with an expression of great annoyance until I get out of bed, at which point she follows me like a shedding shadow until the food is in its dish, ready for her to eat. In the evening, Melly does the hard work of prowling and mewling for my attention while Scarlett sits near the food bowls looking as mournful as possible. After peevish, it's the expression she does best.

I have a video of their tragic display that I will post at some point, but in the meantime, here are some photos.

What do your cats do when they want to be fed? Are they also shameless in their displays?

*As you may remember from earlier posts, I could not keep them out of each other's food and finally had to start feeding them both the same thing. I went with kitten food so Melly wouldn't develop feline rickets as the vet threatened.


Cat said...

I love your food container! I have been looking for something nice like that but can't find anything.

My boys all eat out of one communal bowl and just have kibble. That always worked well because Casper and Ben are grazers and not overly concerned with food (they never want human food). However Archie is at the bowl a bit too often and Jimmy may have to be on special food if his skin thing turns out to be allergy related....looks like I may have to rethink the whole thing, ugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes mine are shameless! sitting on my chest and miowing till i wake up.
trailing after you ,but they get plenty
(Commie will eat until he is sick if you let him.)little piggy.
Blanco has more restraint at the bowl but comes running when the fridge opens (might be milk or ham! special treats) and dont even try to use the tin opener , Saturday they share a can of tuna cat food, the rest of the week they get by on dry biscuits ,poor things.

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Mine are goofy, meowing, head butting me to wake up to feed them. Chloe will sometimes pee on the carpet, so I make sure the bowl is never empty, they are free feeders.

Kitty said...

Linus and Penny munch on kibble free choice style, but they do split a can of Friskies for dinner. During the week they get dinner when I come home (8:30-ish), but on the weekend dinner is at 4:30. Which means they start putting the pressure on around 3. Penny's especially shameless, walking over to the couch to claw the arm every 5 minutes or pacing back and forth. It's 90 minutes of the battle of wills.

Anne Boleyn said...

Mine sit on their area of the counter, I have to feed them up there because of the dogs, and glare or look pitiful and sometime talk about how mean I am.
You've been such a good mom! I done very little fancy food and they prefer Purina products. Beatrix does get a TINY taste of Gerber's chicken with gravy each night, a hangover from when she was out of sorts quite a while back. Potter doens't seem too interested in that, so it's pretty much ordinary dry cat food for mine.

Kea said...

What a great container!

Yes, we see how underfed and malnourished they are, about to perish from hunger, poor things. :-P

Derry needs to lose about 3 pounds and Nicki 2 pounds, so the food has been cut back. Well...! You'd think they hadn't eaten in a week, the way they carry on. Trouble is, they're vacuums and Annie is a nibbler, so it's hard to get her GAIN and try and get the boys to lose!

Mr. Guilt said...

We had set up two stations: one in the kitchen had been there for years for Maggie, our older cat. When our younger cat, Eddy, came along, we gave him his own station around the corner. There was a good five feet or so between them.

A couple weeks ago, our older cat sadly passed away.

After a week or so, I decided it was time to move Eddy to the spot in the kitchen--it was better for our overall traffic. The first morning afterwards, there was plenty of food in the bowl. However, Eddy stood in his old spot, mewing about the missing bowls.

I showed him his food, and he's adapted. Still, it kinda breaks my heart.

Annie said...

The pictures are so funny!

I have two cats and feed them wet food only. It created a big problem for my fiance, as my girl cat (a TOTAL foodie) would start meowing early (like 6 am!) on the weekends. He would throw a pillow near her, but she is smart: she figured out to start her meows ever so softly first (increasing in volume as I wake up!) and moving into these inky corners of the room where a pillow can't be thrown near her. Sometimes my boy cat will rush off the bed and smack her one for waking us up (my fiance calls it "regulating"), but it's been cold lately so he'd rather hunker down in bed than get his toasty warm paws on that disastrously cold floor.

By the way the food bowls are adorable! And the food container, did you get it at The Container Store? I saw something similar there and thought about getting something like that for their litter, but didn't want to offend my kittehs with pictures of puppehs on their products.

Sammy and Andy said...

We can totally relate......the first thing we want every morning is to be fed....and then to go out on the balcony.

We send our love.

Marlene said...

9 and Chani get fed their wet food when I get home. The ritual usually involves 9 staring up at me with his baby blues and mewing about how badly he is starving and wasting away. Chani waits patiently.

They have kibble out all the time and usually their bowls are full. However, this does not matter in the morning. As we all know, fresh kibble from the container is so much better than food that has been sitting out all night. So, when I wake up (usually around 5:30 a.m. for a quick bathroom break), 9 automatically assumes I woke up to feed him. He won't mew, but he does play with things that clatter... Boy, does this get annoying on the weekend, when I get to sleep in!

Anonymous said...

I have the same scenario as Annie. My greybies get wet food for breakfast and dinner, then a small snack of hard food to tide them over the overnight period.

The meowing such that you'd think they were being waterboarded starts around 6 am. Our piglet, who doubles as a hard food vaccuum cleaner -- blink and he's devoured it, will completely dismiss the wet food dinner presented by his slaves and instead starts moaning about 9 pm that he's SOOOO hungry. Anytime anyone even THINKS about getting up and heading even in the general direction of the kitchen he's on your tail essentially hyperventilating.

The other I can barely get to eat anything...ever.

They're so pathetic, eh?

Anonymous said...

Mine has been known to follow the ritual of the chicken fairy, a distant cousin to the tooth fairy. She walks to the fridge and meows plaintively 3 times in the hopes that chicken will appears. She will alternately walk to you, to the food bowl, to the food cupboard until you take the hint.

Anonymous said...

My girl has been spoiled since she was a baby, wet food at 3 am. She's 14 now. Most of the time her meowing gets me up. Sometimes though when I'm really tired and the meowing doesn't work she gets on my nightstand and either knocks over things or spins the shade on the lamp around and around with the side of her face. It annoys me so much I jump right out of bed.

ABBY said...

Mr Jinx nearly knocks Mom down to get fed.
Both for breakfast and dinner. Mom has kibble down for all 5 of us. She puts 1C out for 5 of us, so you know we don't get too much, but Mr Jinx wants his wet food.
Boo will tap Mom on the head in the morning to get her up and out of bed to be fed. But it's Mr Jinx who is so insistent on being fed. Me once she sets up I have to be fed first since I am the alpha girl.


debbie said...

Both my cats have dry food down ALL the time. The dish is never empty. Canned food morning and evening. I'm not a believer of measuring their food according to what a vet says! Never have been. Both are a healthy weight.

Ayla and Iza, said...

This may sound strange, but we get our stinky goodness and kibble treats by being weighed.

I like my kibble, but iffen I (Ayla) get below 5.5 pounds, I get stinkey stuff only until I gain weight. And if IZa gets over 12 pounds, she gets less PERIOD.

Ayla and Iza, said...

We say eat what ya like.

Sue said...

*shedding shadow*

You crack me up.

Anna said...

One of our cats has a pet peeve (pun intended), that he does not want to see the bottom of the bowl. It could be filled to the brim with dried food, but if both cats have eaten in one part of the bowl it dips. He will sit there looking at you until you fix it :)

Simba said...

What characters! Especially sitting on top of the food container. We all have our own unique ways to try to score more food, or earlier food. Why not?

Rene said...

Oh, the poor "starving" girls. Have you tried adding a little water to their canned food? It fills them up a little more and tricks them into thinking they are getting more food.

Anonymous said...

My 3 get canned or raw (2 get raw, one is picky and won't eat it so she gets canned), so they are fed twice a day. I do make sure that there is at least half a can of food left out overnight because my little one that eats only canned will have nausea and throw up if she doesn't have some food overnight. The lack of kibble isn't generally a problem until I have to go out of town; then I need to always find a petsitter that will come twice a day.