Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh, Melly

I loved reading all your comments on yesterday's post! Cats are so ridiculous sometimes, eh? Scarlett, Star, and Comet were so low maintenance that the addition of Melly has made me feel like a first-time cat owner all over again; it's reassuring to know that there are as many feeding methods/schedules/diets as there are cats. And for those who commented on the food bin - thanks! I've been looking for a good container for years, and just found this recently at a discount store.

This right here is why I have not been able to break Melly of her biting habit.

Also, that is Geoffrey's hand and flannel-clad left side.

I spent part of yesterday evening gathering recipes and making my grocery list for this weekend's cookie project. I also figured out the holiday cookie giveaway, and will post details and instructions tomorrow!


Marlene said...

Oh that fluffy belly. Melly definitely know-how to claim a human!

The Paw Relations said...

We love to play that bitey game!

Geoff said...

I decided that if Melly and Scarlett continue to insist on sitting next to me, I'm going to use them as armrests; in Melly's case an incredibly soft, fluffy armrest.

ABBY said...

You cute white floofy belly calls to Momma.
She said you'd probably give her a nip if she touched it, but it's what I do when she tries to rub my belly. Mom said I've been a 'nipper' since she's had me, but it was something I did in the prior home I was in (she thinks that is why they wanted to get rid of me). I don't bite, I nip. I never break the skin, I pinch. But it can be painful. If you're not expecting it it is scary, but Mom is so used to it, she doesn't think anything of it anymore.


Ayla and Iza, said...

You live and learn with every cat. They are never the same as the last or current ones. That is part of the joy of living with them.

The Big Thing

Anonymous said...

Aww who could resist?
My dear late Lwyd used to do that but he was getting "happy" only cat I have had that did, my leg or my elbow ! only once a day or so and he had been done at 6months.

tedder said...

The laying-on-the-back pose, in our house, is called "dieded" or "flippy-paws dieded". Because that's what we believe our black-and-white boy-named-sue is telling us- that he dieded.

But usually it's a trap. He just wants us to pet him so he can bunnykick our hands.

Rene said...

Awwwww, but she looks so cute and innocent playing like that.