Friday, December 10, 2010

Sleeping Mellybean

Thanks for all of the great responses on yesterday's giveaway entry - I loved reading your stories. Cats are just so cute! I'll announce the winner this weekend after I've made at least some of the cookies, as it seems slightly odd to give away something that doesn't yet exist.

And speaking of cute kitties:

Melly likes to lay with her head on a pillow. Sometimes it's an actual pillow, as seen here, and sometimes it's a convenient human. For example, I have awakened at night to find Melly's chin resting on my forehead and my face buried by her white floof.

Melly has a sprinkling of very long white hairs radiating out from her white belly patch and along her tail. Normally it's hard to see in photos, but this last one shows it pretty clearly.


Simba said...

Melly, you have such a cute, unique, belleh!

Rene said...

Oh, she's got some pretty coloring there. I love to look at their fur and notice the interesting patterns/designs.

Katnip Lounge said...

Our little Salem has the same white sprinkles on her neck! Mommy kisses them alla the time.

Ayla and Iza, said...

Except when TBT is awake an we are nappin on his lap, he does not make a good pillow. He moves around too much in bed!

TrinityCreed said...

Tux has those too!

ABBY said...

Mom just loves the white sprinkling on my tummy and on Boo's.
Oooo noooo we missed the giveaway.
Our Mom was doing this silly stuff called Christmas shopping yesterday and she couldn't get online!
Those cookies looked great.