Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review: Odor-No-More

About a month ago, Odor-No-More contacted me and asked if I would review their cat litter additive in exchange for a sample of the product. I was initially hesitant, but with two cats - one of whom is prone to digestive problems - in a smallish apartment with bad ventilation, the litter box could use all the help it can get.

In the litter box, I use a combination of cedar shavings and wood pellets, both of which I get at a feed store. It's very inexpensive and doesn't irritate the lungs like clay litter does, and the wood actually smells pretty good when the box is freshly changed. The downside is that the level of absorption with the wood is not nearly as high as with clay litter, which can lead to some odor problems if I don't stay on top of things.

The day that the Odor-No-More arrived, I changed out the litter box contents and added a tablespoon of the litter box additive as instructed on the packaging. I usually put a lot of baking soda into the box as well, but I skipped that during my trial of Odor-No-More.

Melly cannot resist a clean litter box, so she was in it in a flash.

She seemed to notice that something was different, as she spent quite a while sniffing around.

On day two, I came home to a very gross and smelly litter box, which was due to two unburied and fresh messes, and someone having left a puddle next to the box. It was hard to tell if the Odor-No-More had done anything, so I changed out the box and started again. After a week or so, I fell into a routine of changing the box about every three days and using a very generous sprinkling of Odor-No-More. Since the recommended one tablespoon didn't seem to have any effect, I used about three or four.

In addition to controlling the smell, Odor-No-More is supposed to cut down on moisture in the litter box. It did seem to do that, but the wood pellets that I use fall apart when moisture hits them, which means that even the litter is drier, it still needs to be changed as frequently. That's not an issue, though, particularly since Odor-No-More has significantly reduced the litter box odor in my apartment. Previously, whenever I entered my apartment, I could smell the litter box. It wasn't really a bad smell, just a sort of damp wood scent. And, if I'd neglected the box for a day or two, there were definitely cat smells. Now, both the damp wood scent and the cat smells are gone!

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this review, but I did receive two bags of Odor-No-More litter box additive in exchange for my review.


Simba said...

Thanks for reviewing Odor No More. Here our main problem is with poops that are left on top and not buried.

We have gone over to Wheat Litter (Swheat Scoop) and find that it does clump, though not as firmly as the clay litter. We try to scoop a couple of times a day, and find that the scooped litter lasts quite a while - we can top it up with extra a couple of times and only change it out every couple of weeks. But we have a larger house so odors do have a chance to dissipate, which is more difficult in an apartment.
I think we may try adding the Odor No More to the Sweat Scoop based n your review..

Katnip Lounge said...

Thanks for the review! I am so envious that you have only one small litterbox...

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that a cat who waits to be the first to use a cleaned litter box is asserting their top-cat-ness. I have one who does this too.

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for the review! We have two litter boxes in a walk in closet in mommy's office. Although Daddy cleans the box out every night, there are days that Mommy "gets a headache" cause she says we are stinky. Of course we know it's Sadie but maybe we'll try this stuff and prove it to her that our boxes don't have odor!

OKcats said...

Hmmm, I may have to check this out. I live in a fairly small place also, so there is no good place to put the litter boxes where they would not be noticed. Anything to help with the smell would be great!

Huffle Mawson said...

Interesting. We have the crystals in our litter box and they do a good job of absorbing smells for ages.

Anonymous said...

Um... that has to be the neatest, most organized closet I've EVER seen.

Rene said...

We've never heard of this additive, and wonder if it would work better with the clumping litter instead? We wish we could use something other than clumping clay, but ours won't use World's Best or Swheat Scoop if given the choice.

And yes, that is one organized closet!

Odor No More said...

Thank you Scarlett & Melly for this great independent review!

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