Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ask Scarlett and Melly: Habits, Floof, Interactions

First, a video. Geoff had hung his name badge for work on the door knob, exactly at Melly-height.

Now, on to the questions:

Tabitha asked: Do they have any bad habits? My cats bite their nails in the middle of the night and sit on the stove when the oven is on. Do they do any strange things?

Oh, do they ever. Melly's main bad habit is peeing on bath bats, which started when she was a kitten and didn't like the litter in her jail cell the bathroom. After thoroughly spraying down the bathroom with enzyme cleaner and going through two more bath mats, I broke her of the habit at my house. However, if I forget to put away the bath mat at Geoff's condo, she still does it there.

Scarlett and Melly share another bad habit, which is biting. Scarlett does little love-nips which occasionally get slightly vicious, and Melly sometimes snaps if she doesn't like how she's being pet - on the side of her chin instead of under it, for instance. I am working on breaking them both of the habit, but it's slow going.

As for strange things, I think the strangest is Scarlett and her sock. Nearly every night, she retrieves a blue sock with purple flowers from the bedroom (it is there for exactly this purpose), carries it into the hallway, and howls until someone says, "Good job, Scarlett. Way to kill that sock!" Then, the sock must be thrown back into the bedroom so she can repeat the exercise the next night.

Anonymous asked:
Is the texture of Melly's white fur different than her black fur- it looks like it is softer and plusher?

Melly's white fur is indeed a little bit thicker and more fluffy than her black fur. The white fur does look softer, I think because the contours and little points of floof are more visible, but I haven't noticed a difference in the feel of it, perhaps because Melly is so incredibly soft all over. Have you ever touched something that was so silky-soft that you almost couldn't feel it? That's how Melly's fur is.

Do Melly and Scarlet ever groom each other now that they've lived together a while?
I've never seen Melly groom Scarlett, but Scarlett periodically gives Melly's head a thorough once-over. She's actually been doing that for a while, but she's less grumpy about it these days (when Melly first arrived, Scarlett would growl as she licked). Melly has limited patience for the grooming, and after about five minutes of having her head buffeted this way and that by Scarlett's tongue, Melly will duck her head out of the way and whap at Scarlett.

Has Scarlet ever caught any live prey?
She once brought a young bird into my apartment and left it on the living room floor. You can read the full story here, but here's the bird:

Because the bird was completely unscathed - just a little traumatized - and because Scarlett hasn't caught anything before or since, I've been wondering lately if Scarlett actually did catch the bird. Since the sliding door was wide open, it's entirely possible that the bird just wandered in and froze when it saw Scarlett.

Has anyone else tried to find their cat's belly button under all that fluff?
I haven't, but you've made me really curious!


~*Connie*~ said...

I have found two of my cat's belly buttons.. even got a shot of one here

Katnip Lounge said...

ah, bathmat peeing...what is the APPEAL of that?


Anonymous said...

The Scarlett and her sock story is pretty funny. How did this ritual get started? Also that is some low energy play by Melly but she is still adorable.

Fabulous Fabs said...

I've read somewhere that one cat will groom another cat in the household to show its dominance. One of my cat used to groom my hair while I was watching TV and she was lying behing me on top of the back cushion of the sofa. I guess she thought she was the boss of me. Don't they all think that anyway??

Natalie said...

@Connie: Whoa, that is cool!

@Katnip: No idea. Melly is strange.

@Bentley: The sock ritual has evolved a bit over the years, but I can't remember how it started. It cracks me up every time, though.

@Fabs: I've heard it's a dominance thing too, which might explain why Melly doesn't like it. And yes, mine think they're the boss of me too.

Sparkle said...

I am enjoying reading all your answers!

Jean said...

What is it about bath mats!?!? We have to hang the bath mat on the shower curtain immediately after showering or they hit it. We could go months without forgetting to hang the mat and first time you forget..BAM more pee. Still don't know which cat is doing it. Someday I will invent an at home cat pee DNA tester so I can catch the little blighter. With my luck it's all three of them doing it.

=^..^= said...

Mommy hasn't found a belly button, but definitely lots of nipples!

~Slash & Bronzy

Mark's Mews said...

That part about the bathmats is funny! WE would never do that of course. ;)

We have belly buttons?

ABBY said...

Abby still uses the bathmat