Friday, August 26, 2011

Ask Scarlett and Melly: More Treats, Sister, and Nocturnal Habits

It's a multi-part post today, folks! I'll start by addressing some follow-up questions on yesterday's post, then show some pictures, then answer a couple more questions.

Part I

Cat asked: What brand of treats are those?
They are PureBites Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast, and they're actually marketed for dogs, oddly enough. If I remember correctly, the bag I had was sent to us by Cat (not the same one who asked this question) in her Paw it Forward package. As I don't often venture into the doggy section of the pet store, I don't think I would have found these treats otherwise, so thanks, Cat!

FuzzyTales asked: But of course the question here is whether or not Melly eventually chewed her way into the bag.
I have no doubt that if I'd let her keep going, she would have. I eventually took pity on her and gave her and Scarlett the remaining treats, then dumped the chicken dust onto the floor for them to lick up. My hall floor was very shiny for a while after that.

Rene asked: Have you tried the freeze dried shrimp or cod?
Not yet, but I bet they'd like those! Also, I discovered today that PureBites makes freeze-dried duck, which I bet Scarlett and Melly would love.

Note: PureBites has no idea who I am and did not pay or otherwise compensate me to say nice things about their freeze-dried chicken. My kitties just like their stuff.

Part II

I picked up my stuff from the pottery studio the other day, and Melly decided that the box made an excellent place to relax.


And as I am very much a ceramics amateur, there are no pictures of pottery to share. I recommend heading over to Marlene's blog to check out the good stuff :)

Part III

Sparkle asked: Does Melly miss your sister?
You know, it's hard to tell. She does seem ever-so-slightly droopy sometimes, but it's possible that I'm just imagining it. I have been giving her extra snuggles to try and make up for the ones she was getting from my sister, so maybe that's helping.

Abby asked: We want to know if the girls have nocturnal habits?
Scarlett's nighttime routine is pretty dependable: shortly before bed, she spends about 20 minutes going bananas over one of her toys, usually a crinkly one. Then, when I go to bed, she hops up on the left side of the bed and snuggles up next to me. She's always there if I wake up during the night, so I think she stays there all night. Melly's nighttime habits are a lot less predictable. She still has kitteny moments in which she wakes me up at 3am by galloping across the bed and over my head, and sometimes I hear her banging around the apartment. Other nights, she spends all night curled up at my right shoulder and trying to mooch a bit of pillow space. And on yet other nights, she sleeps under the covers down by my feet.


Cat said...

Thanks so much! I'll try those treats out and hopefully they will pique the interest of my ultra-finicky kitteh. :)

Marg said...

Those do look like some great treats. Good to meet you two. This looks like a great place to ask some questions.
Could you two ask your Mom a favor for me. She made a bid on the auction for SAS and I just need her email address. Our email is

Marlene said...

Thanks for the bump, Natalie!

I think I'll keep an eye out for the freeze dried chicken for my beloved pair :D

Rene said...

We have PureBites too! And yes, they are sold in the dog area. We think our gang would sit on the flattened box like Melly did!

BeadedTail said...

Those treats sound yummy! We're enjoying learning more about the girls too! Melly, you are just too cute!

Sparkle said...

Duck treats?! I bet I would like those!

=^..^= said...

We too keep our nighttime routine unpredictable. Sometimes we snooze with Mommy till she's ready to wake up the next morning. Other times we have wrestling matches around the house or on her head at 4am. We think that this makes Mommy's life furry exciting!

~Slash & Bronzy

TrinityCreed said...

They make Purebites for cats now, specifically. I know, we sell them at the vet's I work at!

HeidiK said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the heads up on the PureBites!!! I read this post back in August when it was first posted, and I got some of the PureBites made for cats the very next time I went to the pet store. Although she didn't care for the liver treats, my almost-18 year old girl LOVES the fish treats... and when she's being all finicky and not eating, it helps so much to sprinkle even just a little bit over her food. She's cleaned whole platefuls away with this added enticement, whereas without the fish PureBites I know she wouldn't have eaten a bite. And any kitty lover will know how heartening it is to see our picky eaters eating well...!!! Thanks again!!!