Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ask Scarlett and Melly: Treats

Rene asked: What are the girls' favorite treats? What do they dislike the most (brushing, nail clipping, etc)?

I'll start with what they dislike. I'd say that, for both cats, having their teeth brushed is at the top of the "most loathed activities" list. There is squirming, flailing, biting, and occasionally growling. It is miserable for everyone involved.

It's funny you should ask about the treats, since I just finished putting together a post about Melly's deep and abiding love for freeze-dried chicken. Scarlett never cared one way or another about treats until she saw how much Melly liked them, but she seems to prefer the freeze-dried chicken too. And since we're on the subject, here's the post about Melly and her beloved chicken:

Because of Melly's obsession with freeze-dried chicken, the bag of treats is normally kept hidden, but recently, I got it out to give Melly a reward for some especially good sitting. After I was done, I put the treats in the bowl on top of the hall shelf, and Melly took it upon herself to retrieve them.

And then she spent about 5 minutes trying to open the bag while Scarlett unhelpfully sat nearby and watched.


Cat said...

That is awesome! Scarlett was just like "Buh?"

What brand of treats are those? I'd love to find some that my cat would actually eat. Thanks!

Fuzzy Tales said...

I wonder if the boys would eat treats like that...They got some freeze-dried salmon treats for the Christmas in July, but while they both sniffed and licked them, they didn't seem to be able to eat them, even when broken into tiny pieces. Could be because they have had so many teeth extracted (and Derry's lost most of his molars, all but one, I think). So they don't chew very well (and Derry not at all--he swallows any kibble or treats). But they don't like soft, chewy treats, either. Hard to please.

But of course the question here is whether or not Melly eventually chewed her way into the bag. LOL.

Simba said...


Rene said...

Oh boy, that's some good stuff! Have you tried the freeze dried shrimp or cod? Both are popular at our house. We have a small pet store that even sells freeze dried chicken hearts.

BeadedTail said...

We sure hope you got into that bag after all that work Melly! And to think that the beans just took video of it instead of helping you. Sheesh.

Sparkle said...

My human has to make extra sure the freeze dried chicken (or any other treats, for that matter) are very well hidden or else Binga will steal them and eat them ALL!