Saturday, August 20, 2011


Melly decided that it's been too long since we've had belly floof on the blog.

In this picture, you can see Melly's spay tattoo. I didn't know until Melly that spayed cats had tattoos, although I suppose it does makes sense. I have tried to see if Scarlett has a tattoo, but since she doesn't particularly appreciate me poking around in her belly floof, I'm not sure if she does.


BeadedTail said...

Melly, you have the cutest belly! We don't think we have tattoos but we're all spayed. Hmmmm.

Sparkle said...

I've never noticed any tattoo where I've been spayed. It's just all floof.

Marlene said...

Chani has scar tissue at her spaying area... It's lumpy.

Melly's belly is as cute as always!

Anonymous said...

When I adopted my Persian from an LA shelter, they were going to spay her, then shaved the belly looking for a scar, then just gave up and believed the turn-in report on the cat and assumed she was spayed. So it isn't always easy to tell.

And unless she's a nun-cat, she had been spayed, so its a good thing they didn't open her up again.

ABBY said...

We didn't know about the tatoos, you mean I have a tatoo? Wow I'm hip!

meowmeowmans said...

Melly, that is the cutest belly ever! Can we come over and give you some snorgles?

Mark's Mews said...

I guess that means that, as large as it is now, I am going to have QUITE a spay tattoo in the future.


Ted said...

where should I be looking for the tattoo? I don't see anything in a tainty area.

Another common spay/neuter thing for feral cats is to clip their ear.