Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Window Cats

It was dark out and the blinds were closed, so I'm not sure what the cats were so intently watching, but whatever it was, they were fascinated with it.

And to answer the questions on yesterday's post:

1) Mark: Doesn't she at least get to nap on the lower platform when Melly is on the top one?
No, she doesn't. I'm not sure why, but there seems to be a rule that only one cat can be on the tree at a time.

2) Abby: Is she keeping an eye out for Melly?
Probably. Being ambushed by tuxie is a strong possibility around here.

On a related subject, I have been enjoying the Q&A posts that a few other bloggers have been doing, and thought it might be fun to be on the other side of that. So... anybody have any questions? :)


Fuzzy Tales said...

Moth? Bat? Human introoder? Kitty introoder? :-)

Rene said...

We kind of have a one cat on the cat tree rule here too. :-) Questions: what are the girls' favorite treats? What do they dislike the most (brushing, nail clipping, etc)?

Cat said...

Some exciting nighttime action outside!!!

Sparkle said...

I bet there is some tasty nocturnal creature running around outside!

I want to know: does Melly miss your sister?

ABBY said...

We find that the kitties hear better than they see (and they see pretty darn good!).

We want to know if the girls have a nocturnal habits?


Tabitha @ Life of the Chefs Wife said...

Do they have any bad habits? My cats bite their nails in the middle of the night and sit on the stove when the oven is on. Do they do any strange things?

BeadedTail said...

We like to look outside at night too because it freaks our mommy out! She thinks it's a boogey man or something! MOL!

Jean said...

I'm just down the road from you in Olympia and I've noticed a HUGE moth population this year. We don't have window screens so they all come in and fly around the light bulbs at night.
But my kitties are soooo lazy they just ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Is the texture of Melly's white fur different than her black fur- it looks like it is softer and plusher?
Do Melly and Scarlet ever groom each other now that they've lived together a while?
Has Scarlet ever caught any live prey?
Has anyone else tried to find their cat's belly button under all that fluff?

Tracy said...

Why won't you open your blinds more?? This drives me bonkers!! I bet it drives the kitties bonkers too!?!?