Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boundaries & Privacy

More specifically, the lack thereof.

Melly gets deeply distressed when there is a closed door between her and me. She mewls and squeaks at me through the door, sounding so pitiful that I've just started leaving the doors open a couple of inches for her. This isn't really an issue - and hey, it's nice to be wanted - unless I want privacy in the bathroom. Privacy is a concept the cats don't really grasp, and every morning when I get ready for work, and every evening when I get ready for bed, the two of them come and hang out with me in the bathroom.

The tub is a very popular spot, and Melly frequently sits on the edge of it while I'm showering, watching me through the clear shower curtain and willing me to hurry up so she can slurp the faucet.

And then there's Scarlett, who has recently started a new routine.

"Hi! Would you like to pet me? I'm cute!
Oh. You want to use this thing I'm sitting on?
Well then.
If you try to remove me, I will lovingly wrap my paws around your arm and hug you affectionately, at which point you will suddenly remember that you haven't trimmed my claws in three months.
Just FYI."

"Maybe you should just come back later."


Marlene said...

hehee, I completely understand about the claw clipping and the obstacles in our path when it comes to the bathroom :D

Rene said...

Oh Scarlett, you look a little shifty eyed in that first photo! And Melly must be like Tucker--doesn't matter if you're in the shower!

Katnip Lounge said...

I have TWO sinks in my bathroom and do you think I'd be able to brush my teeth in there?
Your kitties are as nosy as mine!

~*Connie*~ said...

MOL!! too darn funny and oh so true.

ABBY said...

OH goodness do I ever know about a closed door and the kitties! They do not like it one bit, especially Abby. But I have given up on any privacy because it is nothing now to have Ping rubbing my legs in a circle 8 while I am trying to alone in the bathroom!

BeadedTail said...

It's against the rules to close any doors because you must be snoopervised all the time! We don't allow any doors to be closed around here either!

Sparkle said...

Oh, we cats understand privacy all right - we kitties need it. You humans aren't allowed to have it, though.

meowmeowmans said...

MOL! This is just like our house, especially Moosey! :)

HeidiK said...

So funny!!! I LOVE Scarlett's expressions!

Yep, I too have feline company when in the facilities... but just think what might happen if I were allowed to brush my teeth (etc.) unsupervised?! No good could come of that, no good at all.


Anonymous said...

my boy cat is *always* affectionate in the bathroom. he wants his pets, he wants his mommy. outside of the bathroom? not so much.