Thursday, September 15, 2011


Both cats were way overdue for a brushing, so I went at them with the furminator, and this is the result of brushing session #1:

Melly's hair is on the bottom; that's Scarlett's floof on top. I have to split the brushing into a couple of sessions since they both get annoyed quickly and I can only do a bit a time.

I took the cats' collars off them to brush them, and before I could get Melly's back on, she grabbed it off the table and took off with it.

She gave it a very thorough gnawing before I could get it away from her, so it's a bit frayed now. Ah well.


Rene said...

That looks like what we get at our house! Our gang gets annoyed too, and sometimes I can only get in a swipe or two.

Marlene said...

9 and Chani got groomed last night too. Whereas Chani will sit forever and a day to get brushed, 9 is not so patient. And we have lots of fur piles like that when thoroughly brushed too.

BeadedTail said...

That's a lot of floof! Only Isabella can be Furminated here as Angel hates it. Sadie will tolerate it for a few seconds and then expects a treat!

Sparkle said...

I guess Melly let you know what she thought of that collar!

ABBY said...

Ah Melly you and Scarlett had nice good brush.
Mom ended up with lots of my fur on her nightgown because I am shedding a bit, she knows I don't care for the brush. Anything that goes near where a tail would be I do not like.

Stacy Hurt said...

Hello Gurls! I haven't forgotten you. I'm making your CatNip quilt this weekend. :) Just got some fab fabric!

Ms. Stella's Woman