Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quality Time on the Deck

Geoff, the fiance’ here. I thought I’d jump in and give Natalie a day off. As she mentioned in Tuesday’s post, the wee beasties spent the long Labor Day weekend at my condo. Also as she mentioned they reveled in access to the deck. I had a nice quiet Sunday with nothing much to do, so I made a pot of coffee, grabbed a book and went out on the deck, leaving the screen door open so Scarlett and Melly could come out and explore.

After they’d finished their traditional survey, combing every inch of the deck, they settled in and relaxed, mostly just laying in various spots of sun. At one point I glanced down to find Melly laying just to the side of outstretched legs. I looked for Scarlett and found she was directly beneath me, curled up beneath my chair, less than a foot from Melly! Apparently the deck is a place of peace.

(Disclaimer: none of these pics were taken this weekend)

Interestingly, while Scarlett stayed out on the deck pretty much nonstop, Melly took a few breaks and I’d occasionally glance in and find her in her sphinx pose, looking outside, but from a good seven feet away.

(Are you thinking that she looks a lot closer than seven feet away? You're right, see previous disclaimer.)

When they don’t have access to Natalie and all the affection she gives them, I tend to be much more accommodating to the furballs. For example, Scarlett eventually tired of laying on the deck itself and decided that my lap looked like a much better option. She hopped up and for about 20 minutes, I read with one hand and pet her with the other.

After being out there for more than two hours, however, I needed to get moving. With a bunch of lilies and the chives of peril all growing on the deck, I couldn’t leave them unattended out there, so I herded them back inside where they were reduced to sitting at the screen, sniffing at the memories of their fondly remembered (pseudo-)freedom.

(This pic you've probably even seen in another post)


Simba said...

So nice to have a first hand account of their weekend visit with you, Geoff!

BeadedTail said...

Sounds like both you and the girls enjoyed a nice, relaxing day together! Hope they get a chance to visit you again soon!

Marlene said...

Aaah, that sounds like a lovely relaxing day.

ABBY said...

Nothing is more relaxing that the kitties on the porch and a good read (on the iPad)!

Cat said...

We are glad the girls had fun on the deck!!!

Mark's Mews said...

It is great that they have a 2nd place ta visit. A change of scenery is a good thing (when it is a place ya know is safe).

Sparkle said...

It must be an adventure to have different homes to visit!