Thursday, October 6, 2011


I came up with a way to make sure that Scarlett gets some time on the quilt all to herself: I moved it to her favorite napping spot.

So far, so good. I'll just switch it back and forth periodically and hopefully everyone will be happy.

On an unrelated note, I could use some advice on Melly's chewing habit. While her gnawing is usually harmless, like when she chews on my clothes, she periodically destroys electronics. A cell phone charger, a couple pairs of headphones, my sister's laptop cord... and yesterday, MY laptop cord. Unacceptable, obviously.

I keep thinking that Melly has broken herself of the habit since she goes months between chewing sprees, but that's clearly not the case. I've gotten used to putting away my cords and chargers when they're not being used, but Melly seems to have moved on to the larger cables that are usually left plugged in. This isn't safe for her, and this stuff is not cheap to replace.

As a temporary fix, I have wrapped my new laptop cord in aluminum foil. I did some research on other deterrents, and most of the home remedies involved putting some kind of scented oil or lotion on the cords. Since the foil rips or falls off when the cord moves and sticky goos could attract insects, those options aren't appealing. One website recommended just using rubber tubing from the hardware store, but although that method protects the cords, it lacks the deterrent factor. I found a couple of products (Chewsafe, Crittercord, etc.) that are designed both to protect and deter, and those are currently the leading contenders. Have any of you tried them? Or, have you found something you like better?


Rene said...

We do know that Bitter Apple doesn't always work--it didn't seem to deter Benny at all. We've heard of using tabasco sauce or hot sauce and spreading it on the cords. A little yucky sounding, but it's inexpensive to try.

Sparkle said...

Crittercord sounds like a good solution, pretty much covering all bases. Being a cat, I really don't care what happens to the cords, but I do worry for Melly's safety.

Cynthia M. Suprenant said...

Oh, I've had excellent luck with tabasco sauce. I just wet a cloth with it, and then wipe down what I don't want the cat to chew. It dries but it still has the desired effect when their saliva "activates." Funny, Fee (a Golden Retriever) has been gently chewing on the knots on my Oriental rugs and I just applied tabasco today. Being a dog, she immediately licked it. No likee!

Simba said...

Scarlett looks like she is very happy on the quilt!

We don't have too much of a chewing problem here, though occasionally someone gnaws on a cord, such as the one that connect the iTouch to the computer. The tabasco sauce sounds intriguing! Would this stuff help?
or Chewsafe: (seems similar to Crittercord).

ABBY said...

One thing we've never had problems with was chewing. But I would definitely use the tubing to keep her way from cords that have to plugged in all the time.

Anonymous said...

I have two cats and one of them chews: books, wood, electrical cords, etc. I noticed that she was throwing up bits of things, like a cord I had on my p.j.'s and I thought the chewing was causing the throwing up, but when I took her to the vet he said some cats react to stomach discomfort by chewing. He gave her some medicine for her stomach, and the chewing decreased a lot. Now when I see her chewing frantically, I give her some stomach medicine, and it stops. I also use bitter apple on cords, which helps.

MTVA said...

Scarlett looks very determined to maintain ownership of the quilt!

I hope you find a way out of the chewing problem. Mine are scratchers, rather than chewers - it's always something! Too bad kitties don't like to gnaw on a chewy stick like pups do!

BeadedTail said...

Scarlett looks a little ready to run!

We hope you find a way to prevent Melly's chewing. We don't have that problem here so don't have any suggestions. We just are concerned for Melly's safety of course.

Anonymous said...

Other anonymous, I am curious about what you said about chewing to relieve gastrointestinal distress- my cat seems to chew plants before it's hairball time and I read somewhere that the grass helps to make sure it either passes through or gets thrown up. Did the vet say if the chewing inedible objects was nature's attempt to induce vomiting?