Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Window Scarlett

Scarlett gazes wistfully at the great outdoors, remembering the days when she ruled the neighborhood with an iron paw.

There was a follow-up comment a couple of days ago on the post about Melly's chewing, and since it didn't look like Anonymous's question was answered, I'm re-posting:

Other anonymous, I am curious about what you said about chewing to relieve gastrointestinal distress- my cat seems to chew plants before it's hairball time and I read somewhere that the grass helps to make sure it either passes through or gets thrown up. Did the vet say if the chewing inedible objects was nature's attempt to induce vomiting?


Rene said...

in regards to the question--chewing inedible objects is called pica, and can sometimes be related to a health problem. As for grass, ours will often eat some if given the chance and then vomit it along with a hairball later, so I think there's something to that. You can grow cat grass for your cat indoors easily.

Anonymous said...

I was the anonymous comment person. My cat will throw up and then run and frantically chew the telephone cord or something like that. The chewing doesn't seem to be the cause of the vomiting, (which is not hairballs, but just her food or liquid). It seems to be another symptom of feeling sick or an attempt to make her feel better. The vet gave me two kinds of pills to give her when this happens, Metoclopramide 5 mg, and Prednisolone 5 mg. The Prednisolone works better and stops the vomiting and chewing almost immediately. I tried cat grass. She wasn't interested. I've never had another cat with this problem. Hope this helps.

Sparkle said...

Scarlett, you can rule the WORLD from your headquarters! No need to go outside.

~*Connie*~ said...

In find it interesting that your vet would prescribe steroids (pred) for vomiting like that. The Metro I understand as that is to help take care of excessive stomach acid. Barbara, I would LOVE to know what he diagnosed your kitty with..

As for Scarlett, I am sure they are still telling stories of your greatness in the wild and sing songs of your legendary exploits

ABBY said...

Scarlett we love the pictures. The second one of you is so sweet.

BeadedTail said...

Scarlett, we know you still rule from the comforts of the indoors!

Anonymous said...

Scarlett rocks my world. She gives the best faces.

kelley said...

Miss Scarlett you are so beautiful...you still rule from the safety and comfort of indoors...surely you don't miss wet paws and a life without Melly!