Friday, January 20, 2012

Polite Kitty, and a Request for Advice

We managed to survive yesterday's ice storm unscathed and were fortunate enough not to lose power. (So far, anyway - I'm typing this Thursday evening.) At any rate, the weather is supposed to be improving, and hopefully we'll be done with this icy snowy business for a while.

Moving on...

"Hi. Don't mind me.
I'm just enjoying being near you while you do your boring computer stuff."

"Ooh, is that a pen? I love pens."

"Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt."

"I'll just go back to sitting here."

This brings me to the advice part. See the patches on the outside of Scarlett's right ear? It would seem that Melly is getting more aggressive with Scarlett, sometimes to the point of drawing blood. The cuts aren't bad, but that's beside the point: there shouldn't be any cuts at all.

I've started adding Rescue Remedy to the cats' food and water again, and I ordered a bunch of refills for the Feliway diffuser as well as some Feliway spray. I was thinking about another cat tree to add some more vertical territory to the apartment, but I don't think that's really the issue since the current cat tree doesn't get much use. Keeping the cats separate isn't an option since I live in a one-bedroom apartment where the only interior door that closes is the bathroom.

Does anyone have suggestions for other things I can try?

Editing to add this photo:


Rene said...

I can't see the patches, but I understand your concern. We've had all sorts of scuffles at our house. You are off to a good start with the RR and Feliway diffusers. Make sure Scarlett has a hidey-hole or area where she can go to when she's needing alone time. If you see that Melly is getting aggressive, try to redirect her attention with a toy or separate them for an hour or so.

Melly is at that young, playful, sometimes aggressive age. She has a lot of energy to expend. I'd suggest playing with her regularly to release some of that energy.

mawiesner said...

I totally agree with playing with Melly to release her energy. I had a similar problem with my cats. I purchased "Peacemaker" drops from Spirit Essences (Jackson Galaxy's company) and purchased "da Bird" toy for my overly aggressive cat, Sunny. The combination worked wonders! My cats now chase each other normally, but there are very few aggressive tussles. When they do happen it's usually because I didn't play with Sunny enough.

Good luck!

Kjelle Bus said...

Me and mom can´t see the patches either !
We don´t really have any suggestions on how to do , because I´m the only cat here :)

~*Connie*~ said...

Adorable photos!!

Advice?? well aside from working off some of Melly's energy with play which was suggested, try to find out when the fights occur. Are they over territory? does one get cornered in a favorite sleeping spot and not have a way out? might this be one trying to be alpha over the other?

I would highly recommend the book Cat vs Cat. It helped me a lot when Em died and Ollie decided to become "Alpha" of our crew. He would constantly beat up Jack (the second eldest) and I couldn't figure out why. The book helped me realize I wasn't supporting his Alpha status and it was confusing everyone. When I made the mental change that Ollie was in charge, everything changed.

The eldest doesn't necessarily need to be alpha, it is the one that wants it more.. It is often very fluid in multi cat households, but sometimes there is one, and in my case, at the time, there was. Now that Ollie has passed, we are back to a pretty fluid alpha system.

(and if it is a case of getting trapped in a corner, putting a cat tunnel might make for an easier escape)

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Hopin the power stays on, an the Felliway stuff werks!!!

Katnip Lounge said...

I'm chiming in on the play play play! Nothing works as well, IMO.

Mr. Guilt said...

Claws or teeth?

If claws, have you considered soft paws?

Annie said...

I don't see the patches on Scarlett's beautiful face either.

I've had a lot of issues with having multiple cats at the same time. It seems like Melly and Scarlett's issue is what I have experienced, which is usually in the name of territory. Another cat tree should help somewhat, but for me, it seems like they fight over the same tree (like there are no others around ... cats are weirdos!). I find that building shelves (covered in carpet) on the walls around my living room for kitties to jump and roam helps it a lot. So your apartment will start to look more like a home for cats rather than you, but at least they feel like their areas have doubled in size, therefore allowing them to still feel territorial but less likely to take it on another.

Annie said...

P.S. Have you seen My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet? The show features a Cat Whisperer named Jackson Galaxy (who refers to himself as Cat Daddy!). Anyway, I thought I knew a lot about cats, but have since learned SO much more about these furry babies, especially when you have weird cats like I do. You may want to check it out. If anything, you'll be entertained for a good 30 minutes.

Sparkle said...

Okay, I see you are already getting great suggestions, such as the Spirit Essences, more playtime for Melly, etc.! I can only add, "Do them!"

Anonymous said...

One of my cats occasionally gets aggressive and scratches the other. I try to keep his nails as short as possible as that seems to lessen the damage. And I use Neosporin if I see a bloody scratch. A few good high spots around the apt. where only one cat can fit also helps.

The Island Cats said...

We agree with what others say about playing with Scarlett and Melly more...a tired out kitty is less likely to be agressive. There are also some over the counter calming meds you could try...our vet recommended the calming chews called Composure. And our vet behaviorist recommended Anxitane. Jackson Galaxy also sells some Spirit Essences that you could try as well. Good luck!!

BeadedTail said...

We don't wrassle so we don't have any suggestions to add. We hope some of the ideas help out and more playing is good for efurrybody!

Sue said...

Gosh darn that darn Melly! Scarlett is such a good, (mostly) tolerant lady.

It looks like you've received lots of good advice to keep her reined in. It's a good thing she's so dang charming or she'd really be in deep kimchee.

*Kisses for Scarlett.*