Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Cat Behind the Curtain

The unfortunate red curtains are still up in the bedroom, but Melly doesn't mind them. She just hangs out between the curtains and the glass and watches the birds and squirrels hungrily.


Princess Jasmine said...

Us tuxies look rather good up against red. Just another reason to be sitting on that windowsill :)xx

Rene said...

Sometimes ya gotta work around stuff like that!

Sparkle said...

I'm surprised those curtains don't attract hummingbirds, mistaking them for flowers! Now THAT would be good Bird TV!

bentley1530 said...

Not only does she look great against the curtains, it also give her another place to hide out while enjoying the view.

BeadedTail said...

Melly, we think the red accents your tuxie colors purrfectly!

ABBY said...

We love watching you watching the squirrels.