Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Melly and the Gym Bag

In response to some of the comments on yesterday's post: 
  • Scarlett used to be able to be trusted around unattended food, but Melly has rubbed off on her, and now nothing can be left out.  Which is why this whole episode is my fault and not Melly's.
  • The taco meat wasn't spicy, although Melly has eaten hot things before and I don't think she even noticed the spice.
  • Nope, Melly suffered no ill (or stinky) effects from the meat. Fortunately, since she sleeps under the covers with me.
Also, Melly will be visited by the vet this evening for her yearly checkup and rabies vaccination.  I'm sure the visit will be considerably less traumatic than Scarlett's last experience, but please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well! 

Now, here is Melly, demonstrating that she has conquered Geoffrey's gym bag.  

"I am queen of all that I see!"

"Not much to see here, is there?"


Rene said...

I think Melly's been reading our blog and telling Scarlett about all the good things they should eat, LOL. I love how cats claim duffel bags--ours do that too.

Nerissa said...

ALL things are meant for conquering... from a cat's perspective, anyway.

Repositório said...

Melly, you´re so beautiful!!!!

~*Connie*~ said...

so if the taco incident (and thus should be referred to forever :D) was your fault, shouldn't you be in the dog house??


Trust me, I know that face palm feeling all too well..

meowmeowmans said...

Yep, that's YOUR gym bag now, Melly! :)

Marlene said...

hehe. Excellent conquest, Queen Melly!

Cat said...

Oh my gosh Melly tacos?

ABBY said...

You are such a wonderful Tuxie girl!!!


Au and Target said...

OH Melly how wicked to steal! Do you have any left you could paw over to us???

Good luck at the Vet.

Sparkle said...

Melly gets the vet to come visit HER? My human needs to get in on that!