Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An Alarming Encounter

Recently, I was enjoying a quiet evening in my living room with the windows open.  The kitties were each hanging out in a window, sniffing at the fresh air.  I was engrossed in something on the computer when I suddenly heard a loud THUNK of cat against glass and a wail from Scarlett.  I turned around and discovered that the orange neighbor cat was at the window!  Neighbor cats usually visit at the more secluded bedroom windows, so I was very surprised to see the orange kitty.  My surprise lasted about .2 seconds, and then I lunged across the living room to shut the windows.  Scarlett was Not Pleased to have the windows closed and continued to hurl herself at the glass.  On the other side, the orange cat paced around and glared at Scarlett.  Melly stood by and squeaked.

Strangely enough, another cat came to visit the living room window the next day: a small gray one with the same huge amber eyes as the orange cat.  I'd never seen the gray cat before, and I haven't seen him since.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Great job defending your territory, Scarlett!

Our mom wonders if the neighbourhood cats are strays or if they homes, poor sweeties.

Rene said...

Oh my! We are sure glad you were home!

~*Connie*~ said...

I can imagine the alarm. Good thing you were able to get the window shut before she went through the screen.. (I've had a couple of screens ripped out before I learned - you would think I would have learned after the first one)

BeadedTail said...

Word is getting out about you two beautiful girls so the boys are coming by to check you out! We hope Scarlett doesn't hurt herself or break through a screen sometime.

Sparkle said...

Geez! Those neighbor cats need to stay away! The big danger here is that Scarlett will get so upset that she will redirect her anger at Melly (or vice versa, although it looks more like it would happen with Scarlett from the video). If that happens, depending on the severity, it could take a day, several days, or even several weeks before the two can be comfortable together and not risk having a real knock-down, drag out fight.

If there is some way to discourage the orange cat from coming around, you might want to consider it - my human would probably open the window a crack and spray him with a water bottle. She would never do that to us, but she is a little bit merciless with intruders.

ABBY said...

Melly looked so shocked at Scarlett's reaction. We would have run if Scarlett had come at us!



Nerissa said...

Neighbour cats! Tell me about 'em!!! purrs

Ted said...

Someone was on a Gwen Stefani kick.