Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Dramatic Event

On Sunday afternoon, we here at chez Natalie had quite an adventure.

I was in the kitchen with the dishwasher crashing and banging when I thought I heard a cat howling--not one of mine. I went into the living room and discovered Scarlett going at it through open window with a huge tabby. I don't think I've posted about him before, but he used to come around occasionally and Scarlett vehemently disliked him.

Anyway, the tabby was throwing himself at one side of the window, and Scarlett was throwing herself at the other. All her fur was standing on end and she was screaming and hissing and spitting; I've never seen her so upset. Even Melly, who isn't usually fazed much by the neighbor cats, had her tail poofed.

I had recently been warned about the dangers of displaced aggression, so I knew I had to move quickly to separate Scarlett from the tabby. Scarlett was in full Tasmanian Devil mode so it took me several minutes to get around her to close the window, and I emerged very much scathed from that experience. Even after the window was closed and the blinds shut, the tabby continued to howl at Scarlett and she at him. I knew I had to get rid of him.

I grabbed the Squirt Bottle O' Discipline and ran barefoot outside, chasing after the tabby and squirting wildly in his direction.  (To complete this delightful mental image, I will add that I'd spent the day cleaning and was wearing a faded old tie-dye t-shirt and a holey pair of gym shorts, hair in a bird's nest atop my head.)

I went back inside, where Scarlett was still pacing around, clearly still on edge. Melly, usually not one to understand the concept of personal space, was keeping her distance. I got out the laser pointer (Scarlett's favorite), Da Bird, and the treat bin and attempted to distract Scarlett with all three. Just when Scarlett was succumbing to the charm of the laser pointer, the tabby came back to the window. I once again dashed outside in all my finery to chase him away, and I haven't seen him since. I am hopeful that the sight of the wild-eyed, wild-haired lady bearing down on him with a squirt bottle was terrifying enough that he won't be back.

It was late in the evening before Scarlett was back to her usual self. Unfortunately, I think the days of opening the windows are over.

I don't have any pictures from the events of Sunday as the cats and I were very much in shock the whole evening, so here are a couple photos of Melly being adorable:


Fuzzy Tales said...

Having had situations like this with Nicki turning on Derry because of other cats, I understand how scary it can be. I hope the tabby stays away now. Try misting the outside area with some scent they don't like, like half-vinegar, half-water. Of course (a) it smells strong and (b) you have to keep applying it. :-/

Does the tabby have a home, do you think?

Cat said...

I have experienced EXACTLY the same thing here, a tom cat from down the street comes onto our porch (usually after midnight) and throws his body at our living room window and Ben who is on the other side! Ben freaks and howls and they lash at each other through the glass. It is highly upsetting for all involved. I have to be very careful trying to get through the door to chase the other cat off because Ben is so worked up I'm afraid he might run outside into the night! All the other cats are in the living room too with poofed tails watching anxiously.

~*Connie*~ said...

Oh that totally sucks, but awesome way to handle it - including the outfit!! :) So bizarre that the tom would come BACK to start a fight.. or continue a fight..

Don't come back Tabby, there is a great big ol world out there for you, you can leave this one window alone..

When I had issues with cats and direct contact with the screen (Em would occasionally break out in her younger days - aka going right through the screen, and I was sure Skippy was going to do the same thing when he was a kitten) I opened the windows from the top down. Don't know if you have windows that are hung like that, but if you do it is an option. and then getting a window perch might make it easier for fluffy kitties to sit on small ledges..

Anonymous said...

Try (just for ventilation) opening your window only 2 or 3 inches. You'll still get fresh air but no possibility of actual cat to cat contact. Of course, only do that when you are home.

Katnip Lounge said...

The mental image--oh my! Your outfits are as splendid as mine, I think. You could try squirting the tom THROUGH the screen; that way he'd associate the window with the water. Also, try using a towel to wrangle angry cats. Or a leather jacket if you have one...and oven mitts.

Anonymous said...

OH NO! thats a scary sight. you might want to try some SHOO or other cat repellant spray outside your window to keep the unwanted cats away.

I can't imagine seeing any of my three so aggressive. We have had some tiffs but nothing like that!
Good luck and I am glad everyone is ok.

Marlene said...

oh my goodness! How freaky... love your description of yourself and your outfit. Sounds like excellent in home wear :D

Love the photos of Melly. It's as if she's saying, "Move along. Nothing to see here."

Sparkle said...

Another simple way of keeping the tom away from your window: leave some orange peelings around there (cats hate that citrusy smell). Or use a cat repellant spray.

Is this guy marking? Is he fixed, or does he appear to be intact? Maybe he should be TNR'd... just a thought, and it does lessen the fight instinct.

Princess Jasmine said...

Gosh, we wish we lived opposite we could have helped out...... maybe filmed it or something giggle. We hope tabby doesn't come back unless he has learnt to play nicely :)xx

ABBY said...

Scarlett is a very good protector!
She behaves how our Ping does whenever there is an introoder. He howls so badly it scares everyone except me and I want to whap him for making so much noise.


BeadedTail said...

Poor Scarlett! We were going to suggest shooting him with water through the screen too. Not just so no one sees your fancy outfits but because he'd be afraid of the window, not of a crazy lady outside. We hope he stays away and doesn't upset Scarlett anymore!

Rene said...

Oh no! We're glad you could stave off the aggressor. Poor Scarlett. I agree with the post above that in the future (certainly not in the next few days) you could try opening the window a tiny bit, only when you are home.