Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In which Melly saves the day

As some of you may have seen on Melly's Facebook page, my camera's memory card kicked the bucket on Saturday. Fortunately, I'd already taken off the pictures of Geoff's brother's wedding, but there were a bunch of pictures of the cats that I hadn't yet transferred to the computer. This was very frustrating, since those pictures probably could've made up the blog posts for this whole week! 

I'd forgotten about the video from yesterday, so that was a good find. But the cats studiously avoided doing anything photo-worthy for most of the weekend, so I was getting a little concerned about blog content. Then, on Sunday afternoon, I was folding laundry and turned around to find Melly like this:

"Oh, hi. Don't mind me. I'm just hanging out."

"I'll hold still so you can get some pictures of my glorious floof."

"Are we done yet?"

"No? Ok, one more."

I still have nothing for the rest of the week, so I'll just have to wing it!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Melly, you make us smile every time we see you. You are SUCH a diva!

Rene said...

She is just so cute. I love seeing her belly up poses.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I thought Melly did photogenic things 24-7! I didn't know you had to wait for them.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Thank goodness for the floof.. I'm sure Melly will come up with something amazing for tomorrow too ;)

Marilia said...

You´re a purfect fluffy baby!

Julie Baugh said...

I know what you mean - Kizzie always does funny things when I haven't got the camera or phone to hand. But just on the odd occasion, we get a good 'un out of her.