Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adorable Adoptable Kitten

I went to the pet store recently to pick up some presents for Luna and for my friend's puppy. (Don't worry, Scarlett and Melly were not forgotten either. They got duck jerky, which is a new favorite.) While I was there, I poked my head into the cat room to give the kitties some scritches. Most of the cats were napping and not feeling very interactive, but this little one was so excited to get attention:

So cute!  I noticed that each of the cat cages had a fleece bed inside, all of which looked very cozy, and then I noticed the bed in this empty cage:

It's one of mine! I was so excited to see it being used. Well, almost being used. I'm sure there will be a cat in there before long.  

Do you ever visit the kitties who are up for adoption?  I love going in and giving them some love, but it just breaks my heart to walk away from them.  I currently live in an apartment so I'm limited to the number of cats I can have (both by my lease and by the size of the place), but man, I am in so much trouble if I ever get a house. I will want to adopt every single cat I come across!


Simba said...


Rene said...

I find it hard to visit cats/kittens up for adoption. I want to bring every one home. It's heartbreaking.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

YAY! to see your beds 'almost' being used.. that is so cool.

I think it is sad, but I also think it is sad that no one goes in and pats them and loves on them with out needing to poke or prod them, so I make it a point to do so when I have time.. Makes them more adoptable..

Katnip Lounge said...

How gratifying!

You'll have to watch out or you'll end up with thousands of cats like Scott and I!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

My human ALWAYS visits the adoptable cats when she goes to the pet store. Fortunately, she knows her limit (and the limit to her boyfriend's patience) and never comes home with anyone new.

Marlene said...

That kitten would have been in my bag if I visited him haha. And yay for seeing one of your beds!!!