Thursday, July 18, 2013

Work, work, and more work

Recently, things have been a little crazy at the office. We're on the home stretch with the project, finally, but it has involved a lot of long days (or nights, as the case may be). I've been doing a lot of the work at home, where it's easier to focus and I can relax a little.

And when I say that it's easier to focus, I mean except for these distractions:

"No. You're done. No more work for you."

"Please pay attention to me."


Fuzzy Tales said...

Well, you're home so they expect to be waited on. I love the photo of Scarlett on the chair! That's a feed me now look. :-)

Rene said...

Hee hee, love that photo of Scarlett! I know that look.

Nerissa said...

MOUSES! Priority #1 is always the cat(s)!


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

They are helping you by showing you what is important!

Simba said...

You can spend the equivalent of your commuting time on the kitties!

Marlene said...

Scarlett's look is classic! And Melly, well... she's just being Melly :D