Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Q&A, Part 2

I was jogging on my trampoline recently while watching Table Top when Scarlett decided that my attention should be on her, not the show. 

"Oh, am I blocking your view?"

"How unfortunate."

Now, for the questions asked on Melly's Facebook page...

Rene asked: What are your favorite toys?

Melly loves da bird. She goes completely nuts chasing after it and does some very impressive acrobatics in pursuit of the feather toy. This and the laser pointer are probably her favorite toys--she prefers interactive ones--but she will sometimes bat around a wine cork or crinkle ball, particularly if they're covered in catnip.

Scarlett is a fan of the laser pointer also but she is generally more independent in her playing. She loves to bunny-kick the heck out of crinkly mice and her beloved flower toys and has been known to chase a jingle-ball around the apartment for ages until she loses it under the furniture. 

Debbie asked: Why do some cats like to lay on laps and there are the ones who will only lay next to or near the human?

I wish I knew! I suppose it's just personality (catality? felinity?). Scarlett is a lap cat, or really, an any-horizontal-human-surface cat, while Melly prefers to hang out nearby and watch the action. Melly does occasionally demand snuggles and lap time, but what she really wants is my undivided attention. Scarlett, on the other hand, lays on my lap for hours while I read or work on the computer and doesn't care if I'm not paying attention to her. Both types have their pros and cons, I guess. It's nice to have a cat who's so cuddly, but it can be annoying to constantly have a cat on me any time I'm sitting still.

Anyone have thoughts on that? Which type of cat do you have, or prefer?


Rene said...

LOL, Scarlett, that's one way to get the mom's attention!

As for a lap cat. . I've found that cats can change as they age, or if the've had a traumatic experience. After Tucker's pancreatitis, he became a very needy, clingy lap cat. He was more aloof as a youngster.

Karen said...

Also, I wonder if Melly's floof keeps her too warm for extended lap time, while Scarlett, with her shorter fur, appreciates the heat. I also suspect it has a little to do with alpha-catness. But Rene is right, it changes with time.

camelama said...

My uber-floofy Phoebe was a lap cat - or any-part-of-a-human cat. If she could sit, lay, cling, claw, drape on it, she would! So I don't think it's floof-related. But I do think body heat has something to do with it ... when a friend bemoaned her non-cuddly cats, I suggested she turn down the furnace. And sure enough, two days without the house being summer-hot in winter, and her cats were cuddly! :)

I've had Phoebe the velco kitty, and Cirrus the "I'll just sit here where the very tip of my tail might possibly come within your personal space" kitty, and really, I'll take either kind for my next one. As long as the kitty is happy, I'm happy!

Simba said...

I guess at least they don't compete for your lap! Neither of us is a traditional lap cat, though we have our ways of wanting to get attention. Sometimes I will stand on Mom's lap, purring, and I do like to stand in front of the computer. At night, I cuddle up close and purr, but not int he daytime. Audrey also isn't quite a lap cat, but does like to snuggle right net to a person.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Binga and I always demand attention (and Binga demands food a lot!). Boodie would prefer no attention at all.

Percy the Cat said...

Pandora is the clingy-est cat ever (she's on mum the second mum sits down, and even then, sometimes when she is not!), and me and my sister Zowie have to take our turns when Pandora is distracted. We are lap kitties too, but Pandora is a lap hog (and the alpha kitteh).