Thursday, March 13, 2014

Scarlett Relaxes

I'm getting a little worried about Scarlett jumping up and down from her various perches. She's getting on in years and her landings are sounding a bit heavy, so I've started strategically arranging furniture so that she only has to jump a couple of feet down from her favorite spots.  In the living room, the trampoline provides a conveniently bouncy landing zone. It also an excellent spot to relax by the heater.

"Melly, this is my trampoline. 
Begone, Interloper."


Rene said...

We've had to do that with Tucker too. I've actually bought some pet steps that I have stored in the closet, because he may need them eventually for help getting on the bed.

A trampoline sounds much more fun though!

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of you! I'm sure she appreciates such a fun napping spot.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

How cool - I wish we had a trampoline! And not just 'cause we aren't that young either!

ChiLibrarian said...

Bouncy! Scarlett looks so cute.

Rene, I bought my senior kitty pet steps and she'll have nothing to do with them. I'm glad no one was around as I was trying to demo them for her! She has improvised steps using a floor pillow and the coffee table to get on the couch, but she's afraid of the store-bought steps. Weirdo. And yes, I put her on and off the bed at her whim. She usually stays through the night.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I have to kick kitties off my minitramp when I want to exercise too..

bentley1530 said...

Scarlett is a lucky girl.