Thursday, August 6, 2015

Home Remodel Interlude

After getting the Ikea shelf put together, the living room is starting to come together--as far as furniture, anyway--so I thought I'd show you some photos of the before/during/after.

First, the before. Please observe the lovely square paneling, which as it turned out was nailed directly to the studs and had no insulation behind it.

Now, the during. As it turned out, the plate below this wall had been eaten through by carpenter ants (thanks for not catching that, home inspector). So, the whole wall had to come off and be rebuilt. The photo below is taken from outside the front of the house, looking in through where the living room window used to be.

Here's the rebuilt wall with the new window installed. That's my dad in the charming hat--he did most of the carpentry on the house and oversaw all the subcontractors. He is pretty much a construction guru and I am unbelievably lucky that he was able to come and do so much on this project.

Here's the living room after it was painted and the floors were refinished.

The after. This was taken this past weekend. It's come a long way!


Karen said...

Wow, much more stylish and clean. Nice! Plus I like the barely-visible area rug in the final photo.

Summer at said...

SO much better! You are lucky to have a dad who is knowledgeable about construction! That's an expensive job!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I know it is completely wrong of me, but I love that wall. I totally get why you had to take it down, but it was kind of cool even if it was completely wrong with everything else in the room. :)

And you are right, it does look much better finished.

Rene said...

We have a 1920s home and it's amazing how much "fudging" was done in construction. Every project we try to do becomes a nightmare, so we feel your pain. That wall was one-of-a-kind LOL. I love your new floor, gorgeous.