Thursday, October 22, 2015

Scarlett and Melly Share the Space

Well, you know, sort of. As per usual, they're on opposite corners of the bed. 

"Mom, I don't want her on the bed too. Can I have my own bed?"

Melly: [streeeeetch]

Both cats: [zzzzzzzz]


Rene said...

LOL, so close and yet so far.

Summer at said...

That is pretty much how it works here.

pinetree said...

My boy cat does not even like his sister to be in the same room with him. He chases her out all the time. The only time she comes in the room with us is if he's fallen asleep. She tiptoes in and looks for him, and if she sees him sleeping she will stay for a few minutes to be pet but then leaves in case he wakes up and would see her. Poor girly kitty. To have both of my cats sharing a bed would be wonderful! Consider yourself lucky.