Name: Scarlett O'Hara

DOB: 2002

Adopted: May 25, 2006

Breed: Domestic short hair

Nicknames: Scarlett O, Miss Scarlett, Katie Scarlett, Sweet Pea

Likes: Laps, her cat tree, window sills, chicken, catnip, attention, the laser pointer, looking in the mirror, sitting in the bathtub and licking the faucet, sharpening her claws

Dislikes: The vet, people she doesn't know, most people she does know, baths, being brushed, having her teeth brushed, being on a diet, having her claws trimmed, being attacked by The Interloper

Scarlett's Story:  I moved to Seattle in 2006, and as soon as I found an apartment, I combed Petfinder and Craigslist for a kitten.  He was to be all gray, and I was going to name him Mojito.  During my search for Mojito, I came across a listing on Craigslist for an adult female cat whose family was moving and had to give her up.  There were no photos and few details, but something prompted me to email the owner.  She emailed back with a couple of photos, and a few days later, Lonestar - renamed Scarlett O'Hara - came to live with me. 

Scarlett has been the perfect companion in the years since, but we've certainly had some adventures:
  • She went into heat almost immediately after I got her.  She made the most awful noises and kept trying to mate with the coffee table.  It was horrible (for both of us!) and I took her to be spayed as soon as it ended.
  • A bird got into my apartment once.  While I hid in the bathroom, Scarlett chased the bird around and around and around until she chased it back out.  She was very proud of herself for days afterward.
  • She's never been much of a hunter, but while still an indoor/outdoor cat, Scarlett brought a young bird into the apartment and left it in the middle of the living room.  It was still alive.
  • Scarlett got fleas once, very early on.  I had no idea until a friend of mine visited for a couple of days and ended up covered in flea bites - how embarrassing!  Needless to say, I've been very careful since.
  • Scarlett managed to open a window at the new apartment (this has since been made impossible), escaped, and came back a couple of hours later covered in dirt, leaves, and cobwebs, but looking extremely pleased with herself.
  • Shortly after moving into my new apartment, I decided to try out one of those top-entrance litterboxes. Scarlett refused to use it, but I didn't notice until I went to do laundry and discovered she'd been using my hamper instead.
Scarlett was an only cat for the first eight years of her life, so her adjustment to Melly's arrival was not easy.  But even though she's not pleased to be getting so much less attention, Scarlett actually seems to like Melly now - she is almost always in the same room as Melly, and gets very upset when there's a closed door between them.