Monday, April 19, 2010

All's Well

As Geoff said in his comment on the last post, everything is perfectly normal here at Chez Natalie. No bloodied cats, no wrecked furniture. Everything is just as it was when I left:

(photo by Geoff)

I have a few random updates that I'll share in no particular order:
  • I thought of Hubble Space Paws yesterday when I spilled a bag of pistachios in the kitchen and Melly was in heaven, batting them all over the place and gleefully licking the salt off. They're now all under the fridge, of course, but she enjoyed them while they lasted.
  • Melly now has a set of real bowls. As she's made herself quite at home here, it only seems appropriate that she eat out of actual dishes instead of gladware containers. Also, the bowls coordinate adorably with Scarlett's.
  • As there is still no sign of Scarlett's hairball and she is still hacking a bit, I got a tube of Petramalt while I was at the pet store today and smeared a bit on her front paws. I have no idea whether this will be any more successful than the Vaseline (which may have already helped), but Scarlett licked it off her paws quite eagerly, so at least it tastes better.
  • I finally got probiotics and have added a bit to both food bowls. The probiotics absolutely reek of salmon, so of course both kitties are going nuts over their food now.

Melly is quite aware of her charms, as you can see. And, it's not totally visible here, but that little bump she had after her surgery is gone. Yay!

Oh, and also:

Melly the Destroyer strikes again.


Katnip Lounge said...

Go Melly! We know lots of evil things...stop on over if you need some pointers.
xx Lounge Kats

Coco's Mom said...

Yay! I love that first photo with Melly playing with Scarlett's tail. Scarlett is pretending to ignore but they will be playing in no time. I hope you are feeling better about your decision. It looks like everything will work out perfectly.

Unknown said...

Coco's Mom, the funny thing is that right after that picture, Scarlett whipped her head around with a hiss and Melly scampered away quickly.

Mo of the North Georgia Manxes said...

Oh my goodness. Melly the Destroyer indeed. I am having so much vicarious fun. I think Scarlett is so faking. She may be saying "No, Go Away!" but she is wagging that tail in such a come hither manner. Feline Gone With the Wind, all you need is a tomcat outside the windows....

G said...

I think Scarlett is going to eventually view Melly in the same way as we viewed, I don't know, a microwave when they first came out:

1. "What the hell is that thing?"
2. "I don't get it. What's the point?"
3. "Dumb microwave." (As it catches the eye.)
4. "You know, this thing is kinda neat."
5. "I love my microwave!"
6. "How did I ever get by without this thing?"

Anne Boleyn said...

I am just loving this blog! Thank you both for sharing this experience with us!

Anonymous said...

I second Anne Boleyn....this is a wonderful blog! And in the event your hairball saga still continues know you aren't alone, having been awoken in the wee hours by that singular "trying to hack one up" sound listening for a splat which never came. It's springtime in fur land.

Tanya Sloan said...

want to touch belly!!!

Marlene said...

what an adorable belly!