Friday, April 16, 2010

Another walk with Melly

With N's friend Rebecca here, Natalie is taking the morning off from work. So, I decided to harness up Melly and take her to the Coffee Shop of great deliciousness. At Natalie's suggestion, I also took one of the cupcakes that N and Rebecca made last night to the Coffee Maiden who owns and runs the place. I carried Melly most of the way there to get her comfortable with being outside and was happy to have her under control when we crossed paths with a dog being walked as well. Melly was VERY intrigued by this strange sight.

We got there, got our drinks and delivered the cupcake to the Coffee Maiden, who, in turn, ripped a cupcake recipe out of an old Bon Appetit and gave it to me to take back to Natalie, who in addition to cat blogs, also is addicted to cupcake blogs.

On the way back, I let Melly walk most of the way (except for crossing the streets). She saw a couple of other cats, who'd spotted her long since and they all studied each other for a bit, until Melly started to approach one of them. Despite Melly's diminutive size and leisurely pace, the adult cat she was heading for BOLTED!

After that there was a bit of poking around in a hedge and then a bit in the landscaping outside N's apartment.

We came back inside and Melly was about halfway through the door when Scarlett welcomed her with her first hiss of the day. *sigh*


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

I have 4 silly cats --- Chloe being the alpha, she was number 2 of the bunch -- when I brought home Nermal who was a kitten, Nermal liked her, but Chloe didn't like her. 4 years later -- Chloe still does not like Nerm - and they maintain their distance, however I recently caught them cuddling on my bed together, I wonder if its a show for me sometimes.

You are doing a great job and since you have Melly outside, you might want to look into Flea protection, however get it from your vet do not use the over the counter stuff from petsmart or petco.

Cynthia M. Suprenant said...

What a sweet story! Teeny tiny Melly out in the world. Dogs! Cats! Cupcakes!

How will you keep her saintly white parts a pristine white? Little booties? Manicures?

And the welcome hiss from Scarlett? Perfect. :) She thinks you're favoring the interloper with trips outside on the leash!

Sue said...

I think Natalie and I don't live too far apart. I'm going to have to scope the 'hood for groovy coffee shops on the off-chance I'll run into a dude with a kitten on a string..

And even though Scarlett is still hissing her displeasure, I do think there's been progress made and she'll grow to accept the intruder.

Katnip Lounge said...

What a way to start the day, coffee, kitten, cupcake. I'm going back to bed. This day is PERFECT!

xx Kat Mommy

G said...

Geoff, this post needed a few pics. Just sayin'.

Glad you two have so much fun together!

Coco's Mom said...

Love the adjective "diminutive"!

Marlene said...

Geoff, you are totally smitten and claimed by Melly. Congratulations!!! I know I'm stating the obvious, but it makes me giggle to read about your adventures will Melly. I think we can all see and feel the warm fuzzies you're feeling when you are with her :)