Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bedtime update

Geoff, the Boyfriend here. (I've been granted rights to contribute to the blog and am exercising them.)

Natalie and I were just getting ready for bed and Natalie left Melly and I alone in the isolation room/bathroom. Having finished my bedtime preparations, I closed the lid on the toilet and sat down for a bit of Melly-watching. And what a glorious sight she gave me! (Glorious for someone who's hoping for her adjustment to go as smoothly as possible so she can get to a normal, kitteny life, with multiple rooms!) She climbed into her catbox and voided her colon! (Do cats have colons? Note to self, look up cat digestive organs tomorrow.) Anyhow, point is she climbed in and did great things!!! I'm very pleased and even a little proud at her progress.

Additionally, after I returned to my computer to add this entry, Natalie took over in the isolation/bathroom and very soon after, laughter ensued. She had lifted the lid on the toilet and Melly launched herself up, up, UP and into the bowl herself!! Now a slightly damper, but likely wiser kitten is receiving a bit more love and then it will be off to bed. Geoff, the Boyfriend, signing off.

Edit: When I said that Natalie had lifted the lid on the toilet, leading to Melly's launching into it, it was because N needed to USE the toilet, but I felt that saying that was indiscreet. Neither N nor I ever leave the lid open: Natalie, for reasons she articulates in a comment below; me, because I think open toilets are tacky.


Sue said...

Geoff and Natalie,

I am so pleased that I've stayed up late writing tomorrow's post. I am literally crying happy tears.

Thank you from my heart for being the truly wonderful people that you clearly are. I will go to bed smiling. Broadly.

Sue said...

Oh, and Geoff, another note to self. Open toilet lids can be dangerous for small animals. Just sayin'..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Natalie, Geoff, Scarlett, and Melly! I've just caught up via Sue's post and am all asquee that things are settling down and going very well.

Best wishes for you all!

Carys of the 13 and a half cats

Cynthia M. Suprenant said...

Dear Geoff and Natalie,

I know what you mean about being a worrier by nature! We want everything to be perfect, and nobody to have a bad day along the way. :) I sobbed when my 10 year old female Golden Retriever snarled at our new Golden puppy four years ago, and within 36 hours, they were wrasslin' and scrappin' and became the best of friends. But I had sobbed! :) Drama!!!

It doesn't always work out that way with cats, as you know. Sometimes they start out best of friends, sometimes they grow to be friends or at least coexist in peace, and sometimes it's m.a.d. (mutually assured destruction). Hey, I even had a 7 year old cat who all of the sudden HATED her littermate!

All you can do is the best you can do to decide along the way. Nice, decent, kindly people make nice, decent and kindly decisions. That's what Sue says you are, and that's good enough for me. And that's no faint praise, because I adore this little dolly!

Good luck!

Catmama said...

Hi Geoff and Natalie,

As a mom to multiple cats, I know how hard it can be to add a new one to the family. It often takes time for cats to adjust to having a new furry resident in the house. Don't get discouraged! A couple of ideas (you've probably already heard these):

1) Be patient. This may take weeks. Keep the new one in isolation for at least a week and let them get to know each other under the door. Their natural curiosity helps smooth the transition. Makes them WANT to get to know each other. Isolation also helps the newbie get to know you and the sounds/patterns of your household. They then relax a bit which helps reduce everybody's stress.

2) When you first start introducing them, bring them together for short periods of time. Give each of them much praise for good behavior towards each other and remain very calm yourselves. Act like it's no big deal.

3) Give your older cat extra special attention as often as you can. Reassure her that she's the Queen of the House. Love up on her.

Hissing, spitting, trash talking are all part of the adjustment. Even a little wrestling, w/out the use of claws or teeth, may be part of it. Even though it seems upsetting to us it's really just like human sibs working out the pecking order. Sometimes there may even be some acting out by either cat e.g. punishing the furniture b/c you brought in an interloper; shredding the toilet paper to get your attention, etc. :-)

Bless you for adding another fur baby to your family. Hang in there!
It will all work out.

Sam said...

Here is my tried and true method of kitten introductions. Seperate rooms for at least a week. After a couple of days, take each prisoner, I mean seperated beast, the other's bedding to sniff. Leave it out for an hour and take it back to the owners. Work slowly up to petting one and then the other for sniffing. Have the lovely Geoff hold Melly while you hold Scarlett and be prepared for snarling and hissing. Scarlett's biggest problem will be Miss Melly's enegery level and baby behavoir. YOu can & shoudl expect hissy for a few months. As long as no one gets clawed or bitten badly, everyone can adjust in TIME. Scarlett may not like this additon but she & Melly will find a way to co-exist. But you might want to stock up on bandaids...

Brian said...

Y'all are doing great, but lid down is a great idea, many of a young-un have drowned, so safe is much better than sorry. Catmamma and Sam have excellent suggestions!

KatBoxJanitor said...

So much good info and remembering it all is a challenge...but its recorded here for digital eternity!

You will look back and find that it was a wild ride, but worthwhile.

After a while, when you are preparing to let them meet, take a towel or blankie that has each scent on it - and give the other kitty a gentle rub-down with it.

That seemed to confuse\defuse the tension (a little) when I brought in my new addition...tho she is not so new now....11 years later!

angie said...

yay poop!

The Adventures of Scarlett and Melly said...

Just wanted to clarify on the toilet lid: it stays down all the time because Scarlett has been known to drink from it, and now I don't want Melly to fall in. I lifted the lid because I was going to use it, and in the five seconds between lifting and sitting, Miss Melly hopped in. I scooped her out immediately, of course, and couldn't help but laugh since she was so infuriated.

Unknown said...

So happy to hear about progress! Reading about your adventure has brought back all these memories of bringing my kitty home. Here's a photo of the first sign that things between the kitten and the resident cat were going to be ok: . This was after days of growling during separation, more growling after Rosie's jailbreak, then Rosie trying to be friendly and Caesar trying desperately to get away from her. The rest of the photos kind of show the progression of Caesar relenting and finally letting Rosie be his friend.

Geoff, I completely understand how you feel. I've always been a dog person, and still consider myself one, but my boyfriend's cat Caesar made me come around and decide I was a cat person too! (I'm still hoping that the two cats will accept a doggie friend in the future...)

Laura said...

Be patient and it will all work out. We have adopted 4 kittens in the last 2 years from the fabulous Sue of Pitter Pats of Baby Cats and introduced them to our older cats. Hissing, growling and the occasional clump of fur have been exchanged. No injuries and no major trauma except for me feeling guilty. Some days are better than others but they will work it out. The joy you feel when one day you come home and find them snuggled up together napping will soon make these early days a distant memory.
Best wishes from Thomas, Jake and their Pitter Pats brothers - Billy (Hiram), Darby, Lenny and Cool Hands Luke (Andrew)

Anonymous said...

I just have to comment on how lucky Natalie is to have found a bf who thinks open toilet lids are tacky! Even the most Southern of gentlemen down here in Texas don't have that same view. Natalie, I'm sure there are other reasons for this but this one is a keeper!

The Adventures of Scarlett and Melly said...

Anonymous: There are other reasons, but you're right, he really is! :)

Tanya Sloan said...

When I brought my two babies home the day of their surgery, a day later they had already figured out that if one of them could hold the toilet lid open, the other one could jump in and see what's in there... all I heard was "ploink, slam (as the lid came down)," but I was so close I was able to snatch the kitten out so fast that only her front paws got wet. Like Laurie from IBKC wrote once "kittens are always cute, never helpful." :)

Glad you were there to fish miss Melly out :) What a cute troublemaker she is!!

Karen said...

Oh. My. Gawd. Geoff is a prince! L-o-v-e the toilet seat principles!

Mo of the North Georgia Manxes said...

At our house, you have to leave the lid down because some(furry)one keeps dropping socks in the bowl. My oldest boy LOVES socks of any kind and will ferret them out of the laundry. Once he has played with them enough, he tosses them into the toilet. Cute...sometimes.

Sylvestermiasmomma said...

Love the posts and am glad that things are progressing better. I was lucky with my two cats in that when I introduced the second kitty, the first one was such a mellow tuxedo boy kitty. They both hissed at first and kept their distance but within a week, were happy to be in the same room together with me. Good luck with Mellie. She is such a doll!