Thursday, April 15, 2010

Missing Melly no more!!!

I (Geoff the BF) am happy to say that I am no longer estranged from my favorite ball of she is, in my lap, mere minutes ago!

Since we all (Natalie, her visiting friend Rebecca and I) arrived back at Natalie's apartment, both cats have been free...there's been some mixed attitudes mostly curiosity as well as the hostility of establishing boundaries:

But there's been nothing too serious; certainly a relief as it seems things are trending well. There's certainly still some unfriendliness (we just had an incident, in fact, lots of growling and a bit of hissing, nothing more severe than that though), but it seems that once Melly starts understanding Scarlett's boundaries (which I hope/assume will shrink as she gets used to Melly) then some of the drama should abate.

Also, I was thrilled to have her climbing around on my shoulders again.


Anonymous said...

Having had the privilege of witnessing first hand the drama unfold between Scarlett O'Hara and Melly Wilkes, I can attest that this is indeed quality entertainment. Melly looks just like Toby and makes me miss my baby even more. Too bad he's 3000 miles away in New York!

It's entertaining that Melly can send Scarlett running away like her ass is on fire :) Scarlett seems determined to be grumpy. I was sympathetic until she connivingly solicited Melly's company then used it as an opportunity to fire off an unprovoked paw swat!

Back to regularly scheduled cupcake-eating.


Tanya Sloan said...

I am making goo goo noises at my screen. Melly is gloriously cute.

Nichole Fisher said...

Melly is such a sweetheart - so gosh darn cute. I know Scarlett will come around eventually. They may never be besties, but I know they'll at least get along.

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

By the way - Geoff you look like a lot like Jack Bauer aka Keifer Sutherland - do you get that a lot?