Monday, May 3, 2010


That little white streak just kills me.

In other news, Melly went to the vet earlier and upon her return home, Scarlett was highly displeased by the smell of vet. There was some hissing, but Scarlett calmed down after a while and decided to investigate:

See? These two can get along.


CarrieMarie said...

Love that bottom shot. Kittie tails are always adorable, even when they're tucked in!! : )

G said...

The last picture really gives a good perspective on their respective sizes. Melly looks like she was tired today... and resting up for hijinx early tomorrow morning!

It always kills me how if one puts anything down on a couch or bed; a towel, shirt, etc., a cat has to lie on top of it.

The Adventures of Scarlett and Melly said...

Hee, I love kitten tails :)

G: Yes, Scarlett is at least 3x Melly's size. She's (still) on a diet.

In the case of the striped towel, the cat actually came first: that was one of Scarlett's favorite napping spots and I put the towel there to contain the cat hair. But I agree, cats do have an uncanny ability to locate and lay upon extra layers of cloth. Scarlett especially enjoys my black work clothes when I make the mistake of putting them on the bed.