Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5 Things You May Not Know About Melly

1. She has a clump of short white hairs near her left shoulder blade.

2. She likes to carry her toys around in her mouth and deposit them in strange places. I have awakened at night to find a catnip mouse on my head, and I frequently find glitter balls in the shower. Lately, she's been pulling the wand with the dangling feather toy up onto the bed.

3. She occasionally has digestive troubles that manifest in a silent-but-deadly manner. They are surprisingly pungent for one so teeny.

Yes, this is an old photo - this post has been in the works
for a while and I thought it went with #3 perfectly.

4. She likes to be where the people are. This is why I have so many photos of her on the couch next to me, and not on the kitchen table across from where I'm sitting.

5. After she is finished eating, she paws at the floor. She looks like a bull getting ready to charge. I have been stalking her for weeks trying to get video of this, but she has managed to evade the camera.


Katnip Lounge said...

LOL! why is it that kittens are masters of the SBD? Must be an underdeveloped digestive system...wet food (exclusively) helps, a lot.

Chris said...

She is so darn cute!

When Mayhem was wee, I tried assorted different foods because of the SBD and discovered that feeding her grain-free food, such as Wellness CORE or EVO took care of the problem.

CarrieMarie said...

My kitty does that pawing the floor thing, too! Or the door. Or the boxes. Or the shower curtain... ; )

Michelle said...

My Dex paws at the floor too, like he's trying to bury his food. He also had quite the foul rear end as a kitten too. Thankfully he got past that stage. :)

I enjoyed learning new things about Melly!

Amy & the house of cats said...

Oh that is so funny about Melly and the Silent But Deadly things things that come from them - I mentioned that at my site today about my two littlest. And the pawing thing - both our tuxies do that. None of the other cats, but both tuxies have been known to - like they are burrying it. They also do it if there is food they REALLY don't want. And Virgil our youngest of the tuxies loves to carry stuff around - especially his feather toy! Maybe some of that stuff is tuxie-specific!

Anne Boleyn said...

Oh dear! In the last picture she looks so very grown up!!!!!

The Adventures of Scarlett and Melly said...

Good to know that the digestive issues are fairly common for kittens! I have noticed that she does better with canned food, so I've been working more of it into her diet. Currently, breakfast is dry food; dinner is canned. I'm also still giving her Fortiflora.

Marlene said...

My darling Chani was a definite master of the SBD. Fortunately, she grew out of it :)

Aunty Pol said...
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Aunty Pol said...

Sorry..forgot to spell check.

When my two all black girls , Boshi and Xena paw the floor that indicates that they are either done and are burying it....or burying it because they don't care for that nights menu.

Out of our 6 cats....yes...6...they are the only ones that do that.

Gee..Melly is growing uP fast !

Waves and Purrs From Houston

Patti said...

My Noodle does that pawing action PRIOR to drinking. She is pawing away from the bowl (like Natalie said -- like a bull preparing to charge would do). So she is definitely not trying to cover it up.

She also does this funny thing where she kicks all of her feet when she walks away from the food bowls AFTER eating -- like she's trying to shake something off them. She's a goofball.

Melly is getting so big!!! But she's still adorable!

Sylvestermiasmomma said...

Both kitties will paw at the wet food bowl too. I luckily haven't experienced the silent but deadly affect even when my two were kittens. They are now going on age 3 for my tabby and age 5 for my tuxie.