Friday, September 10, 2010

Melly's Fort

Ever since we got Melly her very own scratching post for her isolation room, she has loved using scratching posts for naps.

April 2010

She used to snooze on her own post after it was moved to the hallway, but that post was brought over to Geoff's for the cats' visit there in July.

April 2010

In the absence of her own post (she wouldn't dare nap on Scarlett's), the bottom level of the cat tree has become Melly's spot. The couches and the upper levels of the tree block most of the light from reaching the area, making it a dark and cozy little fort.

August 2010

August 2010

Sometimes, when the apartment is suspiciously quiet and Melly is MIA, I find her in her fort, all white parts stealthily tucked in so she blends into the shadows.

August 2010

Also, looking at those kitten pictures, it's so hard to believe that Melly was ever that teeny. She's so big now!


Kea said...

She's certainly well hidden back there!

Anonymous said...

WOW~!!! She is a super camo girl!

Anne Boleyn said...

Absolutely love it!

Marlene said...

Oh, they grow so fast!

Katnip Lounge said...

OMC! Melly is a big girl kitty now! Salem does the same in the dark camo-thing. Tuxies must have a rule book or something so they can *really* hide!

Sylvestermiasmomma said...

Cool photo of Melly in the last one. She is now officially a "stealth" kitty.

G said...

She was teeny, wasn't she?


Oh Miss Melly
you look so sly lying there on your post in the shadows....