Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Belly Floof and an Ashley Update

I know I post a ton of pictures of Melly sleeping, but the belly floof and the big white paws just kill me.

Last night, I was doing laundry, which necessitated a few trips around the apartment building to a separate entrance, when I ran into Ashley. He (for I have determined that he is definitely a neutered male) came running over to me for some attention. He purred and wound around my legs and happily submitted to pets and head scritches, and when I came back out of the laundry room, Ashley was waiting for me, loudly demanding more attention.

When I got back to my apartment, Scarlett came over and rubbed against my legs, purring all the while. She isn't normally one for leg rubbing, so she must've been pleased by the scent of her friend.

In other Gone with the Wind news, Geoff got me the three-disc "Scarlett" edition movie! I am very excited and am looking forward to watching it this weekend. I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed and will need all the cheering up Scarlett and Melly, feline as well as cinematic, can provide.


Kea said...

Melly has such a smoochable belly! Absolutely irresistible! :-)

Lots of purrs and healing Light re. your wisdom teeth--our human was lucky to never have gotten hers, they just weren't there.

Marlene said...

No one could resist that floofy belly or those white socks. I love how she has a black "palm/base" and pink toes!

Enjoy the cheering up both feline and cinematic. Will send good thoughts that you heal up quickly and relatively painlessly!

Cynthia M. Suprenant said...

Dear Natalie,

No one is EVER going to tire of seeing Melly's beautiful belly floof, fantastic plume, or either Scarlett or Melly's pretty paws!


Cat said...

Melly has such amazing belly floof I'd take loads of pictures too! I hope getting your wisdom teeth out isn't too painful. Enjoy your three disc Scarlett set :-)

So here's a little GWTW trivia that you probably already know because you are a big fan. When Scarlett returns home to a war ravaged Tara and pulls a carrot from the ground and eats then gets sick, actress Vivian Leigh could not bring herself to make such unladylike noises, so Olivia de Havilland had to make the retching sounds for her off camera.

SeaThreePeeO said...

That is some perfect belly floof!

Katnip Lounge said...

We will never, ever tire of Melly's tummy! Just not happenin'.

How nice that Ashley is a friendly boy--do you know who his people are? Scarlett seems quite taken with him...

Good luck on the wisdom tooth ordeal. Our Mommy had a tough time so she hopes it goes smoothly and painlessly for you.


Amy & the house of cats said...

Oh it sounds like Ashley is going to be a good friend of yours, and it sounds like Scarlett likes that idea.

And oh, we hope your wisdom teeth removal goes well - we are sending over tons of purrs and prayers for a quick recovery!


Melly we will never tire of seeing your beautiful floofy tummy!


Sylvestermiasmomma said...

I wonder if if is a Tuxie thing to expose one's belleh. Resistance is futile - can't resist snorgling an exposed belleh! I too am never tired of seeing Melly. Those are some nice floofy toes there.