Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was squeeing over the adorableness of Melly's paws...

...when she caught me and gave me a sleepy little glare.

Unfortunately for Melly, I can always find other things to squee about.

Teeny black nosie!!

At night, when Melly isn't eating my PJ pants draw string while I sleep (yes, that happened), she likes to lay facing me with her head on my pillow. The first few times she did it, it was a little disorienting to wake up and find her little black nose millimeters away from mine and my entire field of vision filled with black floof and wild white whiskers, but now I think it's pretty darn cute.

In other news, someone (identity as yet undiscovered) has been feeling pukey lately and leaving little puddles of vomit around the apartment. I dosed Melly with some petramalt in case she has a hairball; I'll be doing the same with Scarlett as soon as I can catch her. Scarlett always knows when Bad Things are about to happen - claw clipping, flea medicating, acne cleaning - and hides under the bed, so getting any of that sort of thing done is always an exercise in both patience and speed.

Thanks for the caption ideas on yesterday's post - they were great!


Amy & the house of cats said...

Aw, we can totally see why you were squeeing over her cute toesies!

And Barney used to sleep right up near me - now that he is so big he doesn't do it too often (which is good - he would lay on my shoulder with his face next to mine - ok when small, heavy now).

I hope you can figure out who the puker is - we get them around here sometimes and I can usually guess correctly, but not always. With two it should be a bit easier.

Sylvestermiasmomma said...

Awww...hope both feel better. I seem to get welcomed home from work sometimes with a nice pile of puke aka excessive amount of partially digested cat cookies (dry food). Mine don't like petramalt so I have to swipe it on one of their paws to get them to eat it. Lately I too have woken up to my tuxedo kitty with his face either resting on my shoulder or on my face. Major pull at the heart strings!

Kea said...

The squeeing is merited!

Good luck sorting out who is barfing. In our house it's either Derry barfing up his just-eaten small portion of kibble (because he eats too quickly and now with no bottom teeth except the fangs, he has to swallow it whole) or Annie and her hairballs.

The only time Nicki has barfed, knock on wood, is when I was trying a food that disagreed with him.

BTW, Melly sleeping face-to-face with you is just heart-melting. Derry likes to cuddle up with me at night, used to prefer to lie ON my face and smother me, but he's too heavy for that now. I miss Annie cuddling at night; she won't come on the bed with the boys, seeing as how she and Nicki don't get along well and never have.

Anonymous said...

Oh My WORD! She must be so adorable lying on your pillow like that! Cricket saw the brush come out this morning and took off upstairs, knowing what's in store when mom gets home from her hunting place.

Anonymous said...

Hope whoever is yakking feels better soon. Do you have some wheat/oat grass planted around the apartment for the kitties to chew on? For some reason, chewing a little grass every now and then seems to help my cat get rid of hairballs. It also discourages her from chewing other stuff and makes a nice little houseplant if you get a pretty window box.

Marlene said...

Yes, she is squeeable! Those toesies and that nose. hehe.. Chani sleeps under my armpit under covers when it's cold. It's lovely until she starts making biscuits (really must trim her claws) or when I want to move). Still, it's very endearing, isn't it?

Katnip Lounge said...

I had to laugh at ID-ing the yak/yakker! We have 12 cats and Hubby UNFAILINGLY asks me whose yak is on the floor...He considers me the CSI KatMom!

pee ess: I never know whose yak is who's...I LIE! heh heh.

Tanya Sloan said...

Melly's paws are adorable! Well, all of her is extremely adorable, but I have a soft spot for kitty paws.

Re: giving cats meds, have you read this before - ?

I was on the floor by number 4. My own cats are champs when it to meds (KNOCK KNOCK), but I volunteer for a shelter and have gotten my fair share of exercise there. If I have to give a cat Petramalt, I usually just smear a chunk on their paw, work it in there, and then just wait for them to clean it. It's the solid pills that require towels and gloves.


Oh we loved the vision of waking up to see that cute little fuzzy face.


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Gee, we proudly point out where we hack up. Its the best way ta tell The Big Thing when we don't like the food.