Friday, October 1, 2010


Scarlett and Melly haven't shown any inclination to repeat their early September snugglefest, but the other day, Scarlett jumped up on the couch next to Melly and lay near her while she dozed. Scarlett mostly looked disgruntled about the whole situation, but at least she was voluntarily in close proximity to Melly.

There's a bit of forced perspective in the second photo - Melly's not that big - but you can get an idea of how close in size they are now. I've tried using my bathroom scale to see if they're the same weight yet (weighing myself, then again holding each cat) but it's too hard to tell. Geoff has a digital kitchen scale that might work, so I'll give that a go and report back.

And for those who requested a video of the sleeping, twitching, chirping Mellybean, I will see what I can do. She tends to regain consciousness when I get too close with the camera, which I may need to do for the mic to pick up her noises. But I will try!


Annie said...

That little Melly muffin is such a bed hog LOL!

Glad to hear Scarlett is beginning to be more accepting of Melly. :)

Marlene said...

Oh gosh... that belly floof. How can one resist? It's just not possible... except for Scarlett. Her disdain is duly noted :D

Kea said...

None of us really snuggles up, either. Melly and Scarlett seem to be tolerating each other quite well, which is good. Often it's easier with boys, as they tend to be more sociable than females (generalizing here).

Amy & the house of cats said...

We have some snugglers at our house, and some "accidental" snugglers. At least Scarlett isn't getting super mad or leaving when she is nearby like that - that is a huge accomplishment in my book!

Cat said...

It's all good progress!